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The Saga | May 2nd, 2018

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Welcome to The Saga! All your Immortals competitive gaming news in one place.

In Week 3 of the Valor Series, Immortals Mobile Division’s Arena of Valor team once again made it to the finals. Yet, in a repeat of Week 2’s results, the squad lost to Team Allegiance 0-2.

Despite the second place finish, Immortals’ own 80sHero submitted his highlight for ‘play of the year’ in this 1v4 battle. Spoiler alert: 80sHero was the one in the 1v4.

The AoV team has focused their training this coming week on establishing solid and consistent game plans to lead them to their goal of reclaiming the top spot in the Valor Series.

Immortals announced the signing of the organization’s second Clash Royale player, Royal.

Royal joins Immortals from Romania after establishing himself as one of Europe’s top players. Royal will work with head coach TrainerLuis and GM SuiJenersis and play alongside teammate ah craaaap.

Finally, Immortals’ Dota 2 squad fell just short in the North American Qualifier for The China Dota 2 Super Major. After a much deserved two week break, the team will come back to Immortals campus in LA for ‘boot camp’ in preparation for The International 2018 North American Qualifier this summer.

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