• Immortals

The Saga | May 16

This week’s recap of Immortals’ recent competitive events will be short and sweet, due to the fact that every competitor needs to prepare, train, and occasionally take time off. Immortals’ Dota 2 squad are boot camping for their final run at the International after a year of hard work. Shroomed and ANTi are getting ready for Get On My Level in Toronto, Canada, and Clash Royale has yet to debut into the tournament circuit.

The week wasn’t entirely quiet; Arena of Valor took center stage with another week of the Valor Series.

Week 5 of the Valor Series was an important match for Immortals; after falling short in the finals, the team had slipped into finishing in the semifinals in Week 4. This week, Immortals placed second once again. That’s not the top spot, but the team is dedicated to improving and plan to claim the crown.

Those improvements were apparent with the team’s new starters, Dave and NEO. This is the first week with a new lineup, so it’s clear Immortals still has plenty of room to grow.

Immortals’ record so far have secured the roster a spot at the playoffs in June, where they’ll be competing at E3. As they prepare for the summer, the players will keep their eyes on the chance to win the North American trophy and represent their region in the Arena of Valor World Cup.

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