• Immortals

The Saga | June 5th

Welcome Rainbow Six: Siege!

Immortals have debuted a Rainbow Six: Siege team, who will be participating in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League for Season 8. The Brazilian-based team begins competition in November.

Over the last few weeks, many of the Immortals teams have been working hard and preparing for future tournaments. This month is when those efforts will pay off. Here’s a quick look at what the coming weeks will look like for Immortals.

The Arena of Valor team will compete live on the E3 stage in Los Angeles. On Tuesday, June 12 the team warms up in an exhibition match against the South America Champions, PAIN Gaming. The following day at E3, the North American Valor Series playoffs begin.

The Clash Royale League Live Combine starts on Saturday, June 16th. Immortals Mobile will be there scouting the next members of the Clash Royale League roster.

After a long boot camp, Immortals’ Dota 2 roster will be participating in the North America Main Qualifiers for The International 2018. The tournament begins on June 18th and ends June 25th, and it is their final chance to make it to the year’s biggest tournament.

While many Immortals teams have been in prep mode, the Smash players continued to compete.

This weekend, ANTi attended Dreamhack Austin 2018, and placed third in Wii U singles. In his run through the bracket, he defeated Lima, Konga, and PG | MVD before falling 3-1 to PG | ESAM.

Over in Wisconsin, Shroomed competed in Smash’N’Splash 4. He entered doubles with his trusty partner Tempo | S2J, where the dynamic duo finished 4th. In Singles, Shroomed was knocked out of the Winners Finals by Hungrybox and took an early loss in the losers bracket to Llod.

If you can’t get enough Smash, be sure to check out Smashed, the reality TV series by Estarz that explores the life of Immortals own, ANTi.