Jason “ANTi” Bates is known as one of the most remarkable and memorable personalities in the Smash scene. He was Immortals’ first Smash player, and while he resides in New York, he travels around the world to compete at the highest levels. Quite the multifaceted man, ANTi is also a bartender, and has been mixing serving drinks since he was 18 (the legal age in New York). He is extremely popular among American fans, and his candor and audacity on social media mean that fans tend to engage with him on a more personal level than other esports players.

    Our Smash representative may light up any room he enters, but don’t let that fool you: ANTi’s more than just a showboat. An unpredictable opponent and one of the best Mario mains in the world, you’ll be hard pressed to catch ANTi off guard.