Worlds Journey: Meet Group B

Immortals is set to take the stage in Wuhan, China for our first Worlds Championship.  While we’re determined to represent NA and make our fans proud, the journey won’t be easy.  We’re going to have to conquer the rest of Group B before we can advance to the next stage of competition.  To quote a wise man, to overcome your enemy you must know your enemy.  Let’s take a look at the other three teams sorted into Group B.

Longzhu Gaming

Top: Khan
Jungle: Cuzz
Mid: Bdd
ADC: Pray
Support: GorillA

Make no bones about it, Longzhu will be our most difficult opponent by far.  The champions of LCK’s summer split and the slayers of SKT T1, Longzhu Gaming are known for their terrifying roster.  That being said, we’re no stranger to David vs Goliath match ups.  This October, Immortals will look to add dragon slaying to our resume.  Make sure to keep an eye on Flame, as the founder of the Flame Horizon goes toe to toe against the current king of top lane.


Top: sOAZ
Jungle: Broxah
Mid: Caps
ADC: Rekkles
Support: Jesiz

Fnatic made the semi-finals of Worlds and established their reputation as the pride of Europe with Huni and Reignover, who then moved to Immortals to form the core of our 2016 roster.  An old friend, Dylan Falco, coaches the new Fnatic roster.  There’s a lot of history between Immortals and Fnatic, and we’re confident we’ll come out ahead in the upcoming clash.  Their young mid laner, Caps, has been candid about the fact that he wants to be the best mid he can be.  Unfortunately, he’ll have to get past Pobelter, the man with the 200 IQ, if he wants to triumph on the Worlds stage.


Top: Archie
Jungle: Levi
Mid: Optimus
ADC: NoWay
Support: Sya

Many people think that GIGABYTE Marines will be an easy win, but we don’t expect this Vietnamese team to roll over and play dead.  At the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, the Marines clawed their way past the Play-In and surprised everyone in the Group Stages.  Their aggressive playstyle and audacious team fighting is enough to catch even experienced teams off guard.  Luckily, we’re going in just as hungry to make it to the next stage of competition.  There’s no lane we suggest you focus on – you’ll be watching the entire map as the brawl breaks out.

Worlds kicks off for Immortals on October 5th, at 5:30 EDT.  We’ll be going up against Longzhu Gaming to start the festivities.  Make sure to join our Discord to be part of the viewing parties, or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on every match and result.  Looking for something to remember this historic tournament by?  Our 2017 Championship Jersey will be on sale for the duration of Worlds.