Welcome our New Dota 2 Manager, Josh “Shua” Arkin

When we first considered the possibility of entering Dota 2, we knew that we needed to pick the right roster and give them the tools they needed to compete at the highest level.  One of the primary goals we have for this new team, above making The International, is to create a healthy roster that can survive and thrive in Dota 2 over a long period.  

We’re welcoming a manager to help create that environment.  Please join us in welcoming Josh “Shua” Arkin to the #IMTeam!  As manager, Shua will be helping the team with their everyday logistics and providing countless quality of life buffs.  As an executive assistant in the film industry, he has valuable experience in working with teams, producing events, managing an office, and wearing a variety of hats.  This experience of being flexible, versatile, and covering the logistical needs of an entire team is exactly what we need in a team manager.

Of course, every Immortal also has a passion for esports.  With over three thousand games of Dota 2 under his belt, Shua definitely fits the bill.  He’s been queuing up for Dota games since Warcraft 3, and we’re excited to have him as part of our staff as we gear up for a sustained competitive run.

Follow Shua on:

Twitter @Shuadota

Instagram @ josharkin

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