The Saga: October 3rd

Our League team is currently overseas, gearing up for the biggest tournament of their life: Immortals’ first Worlds Championship.  While one of our teams is preparing for the upcoming tournament in China, the rest of Immortals are working hard at home.  Our #IMTDota team has qualified for two upcoming events, and our Smash guys both broke into the Top 8 at GameTyrant Expo.  You may have missed out on all of the fun, but don’t worry – the Saga collects the best moments of each game we participate in, so you can get up to date again (and back to planning your sweet, sweet Worlds viewing party.)

Dota 2

Tl;dr: Immortals qualify for our second LAN by wining the Dota PIT Minor Qualifier!
Recommended Match: Immortals v OpTic Gaming

With the new tournament system for Dota 2, our boys have been hard at work qualifying for upcoming tournaments.  While they’ve been all over the map, one qualifier in particular stood out.  We went up against OpTic Gaming to battle for a spot at the Dota PIT Minor, and the best of 5 series ended up going the distance.  We traded games back and forth in a blow for blow struggle, but ultimately overcame OpTic and earned our spot at the upcoming Minor.  We’ll be continuing to compete in smaller qualifiers and LANs with the goal of participating in the next International.


tl;dr: Both of our #IMTSmash players finish Top 8! ANTi and Shroomed both reach 5th place.
Recommended Match: ANTi v P1 Tweek

GameTyrant Expo was an awesome opportunity for both of our Smash players, especially Shroomed.  While neither of them were able to take the gold, they were able to both reach Top 8, each finishing at 5th place.  Even better? Shroomed is now heading to the Smash Summit based off the strength of his performance.  This is just the start for both of our players as they plan to keep buckling down and never stop aiming for the top.  If you’re looking for some peak Smash play, check out the recommended match above, where ANTi dismantles Phoenix1’s Tweek with some devastating Zero Suit Samus play.  GG to everyone at GT-X, and Shroomed will see you at the Summit!


tl;dr: Immortals lose against Rogue in a very close match in the ESL Pro League.
Recommended Match: IMT v Rogue

We’re still working out the details of our next CS:GO roster, but we continued to compete in the ESL Pro League.  We’d like to sincerely thank our multitalented coach, Zakk, for stepping in, as well as Tempo Storm’s Destiny and shz.  We proved that Steel and Boltz will make a solid core to our next roster, and nearly managed to pull off the win.  GGs to Rogue, and we’ll be making more announcements in the days to come.

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