Immortals Welcomes João “Horvy” Horvath to CS:GO Roster

It’s certainly been no secret that we’ve been in talks with João “Horvy” Horvath for some time. Today, we would like to put the speculation to rest and officially welcome Horvy to Immortals CS:GO roster as a permanent addition to the team. Horvy arrived in Los Angeles yesterday and is excited to join the team and get to work pursuing its next win.

João “Horvy” Horvath, 19, is a talented Rifler and AWPer hailing from Brazil, having most recently played for k1ck eSports Club before joining Immortals. After an extensive due diligence process, involving interviews, discussions, and try-outs, we’re confident that Horvy will make a positive addition to the team and fit in well alongside Steel and Boltz as our Support/Secondary AWPer. The three will continue to consult and work with our staff as we trial prospective candidates to fill out our CS:GO roster.

We’d again like to thank you, our fans, for your continued patience and commitment during this roster reconstruction. We’re excited to share more news with you as things become official and look forward to again fielding a full CS:GO roster that you can proudly cheer on and support.

You can follow Horvy on Twitter and Twitch