The Saga: September 5th

What a wild ride it’s been for Immortals this past weekend!  First of all, our League of Legends team travelled to Boston to contest Team SoloMid for the North American LCS Championship.  Meanwhile, our Overwatch squad made a last stand in Overwatch Contenders Season One.  Both ANTi and Shroomed had Smash events; ANTi headed to PAX, while Shroomed found himself among the Gods and Gatekeepers.  Our CS:GO boys attended DreamHack Masters, and our Vainglory team made it to the finals of the VIS Professional League.  With such a dizzying array of games, we don’t blame you for missing a few.  The Saga is here to get you up to date on all things Immortals!


Tl;dr: Immortals put up a fight, but fall 1-3 to TSM in the NA LCS finals in Boston. We’ll see you at Worlds!

Recommended Match: Immortals v TSM Game 2

We went into the NA LCS finals determined to break the wheel and enter the winners’ club, and we put up a hell of a fight trying to accomplish that.  Unfortunately, TSM were too clean and managed to take us down 3-1.  While we’re obviously disappointed in this, we’re also extremely proud of our team.  We went from a seventh place finish in Spring to the finals and a trip to Worlds in Summer.  We’ve put a lot of time and effort into communicating, improving, and working together, and that won’t go to waste.  Next, we’re heading to boot camp, and then Worlds.  We’d like to thank everyone for their support and love, and we’ll continue to make you proud.



Tl;dr: Immortals are out of Overwatch Contenders Season One.

Recommended Match: Immortals v FaZe Clan

There were high hopes on our shoulders in Overwatch Contenders Season One, but we weren’t able to deliver. Unfortunately, our close loss to FaZe Clan means we’re out of the game for the rest of Season One.  While we’re obviously not happy, we’re still hungry to improve.  Every loss is a lesson, and we have lots of time to go back to the drawing board and get our game together before the Overwatch League launches.  



Tl;dr: ANTi makes Top 8 at PAX Arena at PAX West, Team Mew2King (featuring Shroomed!) comes first at Gods and Gatekeepers

Recommended Match: Shroomed v Crush

ANTi swung over to Seattle to participate in the PAX Arena at PAX West.  It was a tough competition, and he wasn’t able to maintain his early momentum, but he finished with a respectable 7th place standing.  GGs to everyone at PAX, and thanks to everyone who came out to hang with Immortals!

Meanwhile, Shroomed participated in Red Bull eSports’ Gods and Gatekeepers competition.  It was an unusual format, where eight chosen players and their “disciples” built a lean, mean team of four players after a competitive open bracket with almost 800 players.  Shroomed made it to Team Mew2King, playing alongside Mew2King, Duck, and Zhu.  Team Mew2King emerged triumphant, partially thanks to Shroomed’s fancy moves on Marth.  The tournament was a blast, and we’re glad we could participate with the Gatekeeper himself!


Tl;dr: Immortals take the VIS Professional Series, triumphing over Rogue in the Grand Finals!

Recommended Match: Immortals v Rogue (Grand Finals)

Our Vainglory team managed to take the VIS Professional Series, but it wasn’t an easy battle.  Every team there was hungry to take home the prize, and they each put up a solid fight.  The most intense battle was the Grand Finals against Rogue, which ended up going the full five games.  Ultimately, we prevailed over Rogue in a 3-2 victory.  We’re beyond proud of the progress our Vainglory team has made, and we’re looking forward to our next challenge.  GGs to Rogue!



Tl;dr: Immortals fall in the quarterfinals against North at DreamHack Malmo
Recommended Match: Immortals v Fnatic

Immortals headed to DreamHack Malmo, eager to prove ourselves.  After making it to the finals of a Major, we want to regain that momentum and keep pushing ourselves to new heights.  Unfortunately, this tournament didn’t go exactly as we hoped; we ended up falling in a very close match against North in the quarterfinals.  Even though we could have done better, we still had some exciting rounds, and kNg continues to be one of the most explosive players in the game.  We’ll see you at the ELEAGUE Premier, where we are in a group with North, Fnatic, and mousesports.


After such a stacked weekend, the next few weeks will be quiet by comparison.  Remember that you can keep up to date on our events via our competitive calendar, or follow us on Twitter.  Our Discord is also a great place to watch the games and chat about results with fellow members of the #IMTeam.

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