The Saga: September 12th

Another week, another exciting series of games for Immortals!  Our League of Legends team has headed to Korea for their pre-Worlds boot camp, and we’re excited to face off against the rest of the world on the international stage in October.  The rest of Immortals continued to compete, with our CS:GO, Vainglory, Overwatch, and Smash players showing up this week to aim for glory.  If you missed these matches, we can get you back in the game with this handy weekly summary.  Remember, the best way to stay up to date on everything Immortals is to check our calendar, follow us on Twitter, or join our Discord.  Now, let’s get started!


Tl;dr: Immortals make it to the Grand Finals and second place at the Vainglory Live Championship Finals
Recommended Match: Immortals v TSM Game 5

Immortals fought all the way to the Grand Finals of the Vainglory Live Championship, but it wasn’t easy.  In the semi-finals, we found ourselves down 0-2 against TSM in a best of 5 matchup.  We managed to turn the series around and reverse sweep TSM, catapulting to the finals based off that tough win.  While we weren’t able to best Cloud9 in the end, we’re extremely proud of the progress we’ve made as a roster.  We’ll be aiming to improve even further and continue our recent hot streak.  GGs to everyone we’ve faced, and we’ll be back!


Tl;dr: ANTi finishes 5th in Singles, 1st in Doubles with Mistake at DreamHack Montreal
Recommended Match: ANTi v Venom (clip starts at 00:07:45)

ANTi took the entire Doubles tournament with Mistake and finished Top 8 in Singles at DreamHack Montreal!  Not only was this a strong performance on our Smash 4 player’s part, but he even went ahead and played some wild new picks.  If you’ve ever been curious as to ANTi’s Rosalina play, check out the recommended match above where he brings out the surprise pick against Venom.  He also dabbled in Zero Suit Samus and Meta Knight this tournament.  Once he settles down and masters a main, we’ll get to see ANTi climb even higher.


Tl;dr: Immortals take second place at DreamHack Montreal.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Cloud9

Immortals participated in DreamHack Montreal, making it all the way to the Grand Finals against North.  Unfortunately, three of our players were late to the finals and we were automatically docked a game due to DreamHack regulations.  We weren’t able to win the next match, and so North took the Championship.  GG to North and everyone we faced at DreamHack, and congratulations to North on the win.


Tl;dr: IMT lose their final match of Contenders Season One. See you in the Overwatch League!
Recommended Match: Immortals v FNRGFE

While we were already ruled out of playoffs due to our early performance, we had one last match against FNRGFE in Contenders Season One.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take this series, and we are officially on break until the Overwatch League starts.  This is a blessing in disguise, as we’ll be able to buckle down and work hard on the weaknesses that became apparent during Overwatch Contenders Season One.  Thank you for your support, and we’re looking forward to re-debuting stronger than ever.

With Worlds and the Overwatch League incoming, make sure you stay tuned to Immortals via Twitter for upcoming updates and news.  You’ll be the first to hear of upcoming tournaments and announcements, so keep your ears open and eyes peeled!

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