NOAH’S NOTES | DOTA 2 Announcement

Ever since Immortals launched as an organization at the end of 2015 we’ve expanded into several esports titles.  We choose the games and ecosystems we enter carefully, because we never want to rush into a new scene without understanding the commitment it will take to invest properly and sustainably.  Dota 2 is one of the scenes we’ve been watching from afar, but we haven’t been ready to commit… until now.

With the new tournament format incoming for Dota 2, there’s never been a better time to enter the scene.  Immortals is officially getting involved, but we’re taking the time to make sure that we can do everything right and attain the same high standard we’ve set in other esports.  

While we’re not ready to announce a roster just yet, Immortals is officially looking for a team to enter Dota 2 with.  In the latest Noah Notes, our co-founder and CEO talks about why we’re ready to move into the Dota 2 scene, and what we’re hoping to achieve.


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