Celebrate Immortals’ World Journey with an Icon and Emote!

As we prepare for our first trip to the Worlds stage, there’s a few different ways to show that you’re part of the #IMTeam.  First, you can pick up our 2017 Championship Jersey, available for the duration of Worlds (plus an extra week).  If that’s a little too extravagant, don’t worry—there’s another way to lend us your energy. The League of Legends in-client store has an IMT icon and emote pack, available for 450 RP.  After October 8th, the icon and emotes will be available individually at 250 RP for an icon and 450 RP for an emote.

These pieces of Immortals history are permanent unlocks, so you’ll be able to flash the black and teal over the corpses of your enemies and freshly stolen Barons all year long.

Not only will you be rocking some serious style points on the Rift, but you’ll also be lending us some support.  50% of IMT icon sales and 30% of IMT emote sales will be shared with Immortals.  As a final perk, you get to rock the IMT tag in front of your handle.

We’re excited to make our debut on the international stage, and once again we’d like to thank our fans for their support along our journey. If you’re interested in our limited-edition World Championship jerseys, join our Discord to find a discount code.