Celebrate Immortals’ journey to Worlds with our 2017 Championship Jersey

This October, Immortals will be standing on the international stage to represent North America in front of the entire world.  A landmark of this scale demands a jersey to match.  Immortals will be striding out onto the Worlds stage in our limited edition 2017 Championship jerseys.

These jerseys replace our traditional teal with gold, to mark the occasion of our first trip to Worlds and it represents our dedication to competing at the highest level possible.  Instead of the grey stripes around the collar, Immortals now wear gold epaulets on their shoulders.  Each jersey is marked with a stylized American flag to represent the North American region.  We’re all in this together, and so the flag has fifteen stars for each player representing NA on stage.

The four sets of Chinese symbols translate to the four cities that will be hosting Worlds.  First, the Group Stages in Wuhan, where we’re planning on making our mark.  If we succeed, we’ll be attending the next three cities: the playoffs in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Finally, there’s the Immortals helmet, deconstructed of its standard surroundings.  The simple, stripped down version of the logo is a reminder of what we’ve been through, and our humble start to 2017.  We went from seventh place to representing North America at Worlds, and that’s due to our core values of camaraderie, dedication, and respect.

We want our fans to commemorate this moment with us, and so we’ll be making these jerseys available for purchase for the duration of Worlds.  In addition, we’ll be hosting this jersey in the store for a week after Worlds as a way for fans to celebrate the results and revisit our first run on the international stage.

As always, we’d like to thank our fans for their support.  We couldn’t have made it here without you, and you remain an invaluable part of the #IMTeam.