The Saga: August 29th

It’s been a big week for Immortals, and we achieved some important goals that have eluded us up until now.  Not only did we pick up a massive win in League, but a big win on TSM’s part against Dignitas was enough to take us to Worlds.  We also saw our CS:GO team return to action after Krakow, our Overwatch squad defend their title in Overwatch Contenders Season One, and both of our Smash players compete.  Remember, the best way to stay on top of our schedule is to follow us on Twitter.  The second best way is to read the Saga every week!


Tl;dr: IMT advances to our first NA LCS finals, and qualifies for our first trip to Worlds.

Recommended Match: IMT v CLG, Quarterfinals

Spring was a rough Split for us, and we limped into a seventh place finish.  It’s not where we wanted to end up, and we knew we could do better.  After making some tough choices and a couple of changes behind the scenes, we roared into Summer with a much stronger foundation.  We’ve finally broken our previous barrier of never making it past semi-finals; not only are we heading to the North American LCS Finals in Boston to face TSM, but we’ve also qualified for Worlds.

We’re eternally grateful to our fan base who supported us up to this point.  In order to make these accomplishments, we had to go through Counter Logic Gaming.  We won a dominant 3-0 series against them, and now we’re focused entirely on taking North America.  GG to Counter Logic Gaming, and we’ll see TSM in Boston!


Tl;dr: Immortals blaze through the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 Online Qualifier, compete in the ESL Pro League.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Renegades, Cache

It was a busy week for our CS:GO guys!  Not only did we play in the ESL Pro League, going up against SK Gaming and Renegades, but we participated in the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 Online Qualifier.  Immortals went undefeated throughout the ELEAGUE Qualifier, picking up six wins and handily qualifying to go to the Premier.

In ESL, we went 1-1 against both SK Gaming and Renegades.  Check out our featured match against Renegades, where we bounce back from our first loss to clean up on Cache.  GGs to everyone we faced this week!


Tl;dr: ANTi finishes 17th and Shroomed finishes Top 8 at Shine 2017.
Recommended Match: Shroomed v Zeo

Both of our Smash players attended Shine 2017!  Anti represented Immortals in the Smash 4 bracket, unfortunately falling early and finishing in 17th place in Singles.  Shroomed stepped up in Melee to claim a Top 8 finish, coming in at 7th place.  Neither player is satisfied, they’re both hungry to improve on this performance, and we can expect them both to hit the grind once again for their next matches.


Tl;dr: Immortals fall to EnVision in Overwatch Contenders Season One, 1-3.

Recommended Match: Immortals v EnVision

Overwatch Contenders Season One has proven to be full of some of the world’s top talent, and we’re learning as a result.  We dropped another series to EnVision, falling 3-1.  We’re not happy with the loss, but we’re also working hard to learn from every game we drop.  Sure, IMT didn’t pick up the win, but we did get this sweet Agilities Genji play recognized, and that’s something.  We’ll be back next week against FaZe ready to redeem ourselves!  GGs to EnVision.

We have a big match coming up ahead: the NA LCS finals!  The best way to watch games with other members of the #IMTeam is to join us on Discord.  You can also check our competitive calendar to find all of our upcoming matches in one easy place.

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