The Saga: August 22nd

You probably know that our League of Legends team is heading to the NA LCS playoffs semi-finals, where we’ll face off against Counter Logic Gaming.  We’re excited for the match ahead, especially after our strong Summer Split… but the #IMTeam is larger than just League of Legends!  Overwatch Contenders Season One is now well underway before the Overwatch League begins, and we’re looking to defend our crown earned during a dominant Season Zero.  Our Vainglory team picked up a big win in the Vainglory8.  ANTi is still hitting the tournament circuit hard, and he played at 2GGC: SCR Saga.  If you missed some of these matches, the Saga can get you caught back up, nice and easy.


tl;dr: Immortals get swept by EnVyUs in Overwatch Contenders Season One (Oops.)
Recommended Match: Immortals v EnVyUs

We headed back into Overwatch Contenders to defend our Season Zero title, but we faced some stiff competition against EnVyUs.  We knew that there’d be a higher tier of competition in Season One, and we took the opportunity to try different roster combinations.  Practice makes perfect, and we’re looking forward to our next matches against EnVision and FaZe.  Sure, a 0-4 defeat is pretty rough, but we showed moments of brilliance during that match, and Agilities got some fantastic Genji plays in.  Hopefully, it’s all uphill from here!  GGs to EnVyUs!


tl;dr: Immortals pick up a dominant 2-0 win over the Hollywood Hammers in Week 3 
Recommended Match: Immortals v Hollywood Hammers (Match begins at 1:32:14)

Immortals headed into Week 3 of the Vainglory 8 prepared to take on the Hollywood Hammers.  This Split has been close, with every team vying for a chance to make it to the top, and no one being quite sure who will make it there.  We’ve had a tough schedule so far, but we’ve been working hard, and that paid off in our match against the Hammers.  The #IMTeam picked up a dominant 2-0 win, with DNZio scoring the MVP award for his confident play.  GG to Hollywood Hammers!


tl;dr: Anti makes top 16 at 2GGC: SCR Saga, finishing in 13th place.
Recommended Match: IMT ANTi v DNG Kameme

ANTi headed to 2GGC: SCR Saga to compete, and he had high moments during his run to the Top 16.  In the featured match above, he brings out the Zero Suit Samus in his ongoing journey to find the main who will take him to the top.  While he takes out Kameme in an exciting series (and our featured match!), even after falling behind, he couldn’t quite make it to the Top 8.  His saga to reach the top isn’t over yet, and ANTi is heading to Shine 2017 in just a few days.

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