The Saga: August 1st

This weekend, Immortals defended our top spot in the North American LCS, and fought our first battle in the Vainglory 8.  We had some awesome matches here, but the real highlight of this weekend was Smash.  Shroomed and ANTi represented the #IMTeam at Get On My Level in Toronto.  Both of them had some big successes.  If you missed any of our matches, from the LCS stage in LA to the massive upsets in Toronto, don’t sweat it.  The Saga is here to get you back up to speed on everything Immortals.


tl;dr: ANTi claims three gold medals in Smash 4 singles, Brawl singles, and Smash 4 doubles. Shroomed makes top 8 in Melee singles and 2nd in Melee doubles.
Recommended Match: ANTi v Larry Lurr (Grand Finals) (08:38:58)

What a weekend for Smash!  First of all, Shroomed represented NorCal admirably by not only claiming second place in Melee Doubles, along with his partner SFAT, but he also made top 8 in Singles.  That’s nothing to sneeze at, and he’ll be hoping to top this performance at his next tournament.

ANTi made out big, claiming not one, not two, but three gold medals at GOML.  Not only did he take the top prize in Brawl and Smash 4 Doubles, but he also snatched the crown from Larry Lurr in an incredibly tense Best of 5 match up.

GOML was an event to remember, and Immortals is beyond proud of both of our contenders!


tl;dr: Immortals goes 1-1 this weekend, taking down Liquid 2-0 but falling to Dignitas 1-2.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Team Liquid, Game 2

Team Liquid gave us a strong fight in Game 1, but we managed to take the win thanks to the power of teamwork.  (The Notorious POB’s Cassiopeia certainly didn’t hurt any.)  We then turned around and rode that momentum into Game 2, taking the series handily.

Unfortunately, Team Dignitas were a tougher opponent, and we fell 1-2 in a tough series against them.  We still hold onto our first place spot, tied with TSM, but we’re focusing on playoffs and the end game.  GG to Dignitas and Liquid, and next week we go up against Envy and Echo Fox!


tl;dr: Immortals fall 1-2 against Cloud9 in the Vainglory 8.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Cloud9, Game 2

After fighting our way back into the Vainglory8, we knew we still had a lot to learn.  Our first series against Cloud9 put Immortals to the test, and we ultimately dropped the series 1-2.  However, we took a hard fought game against Cloud9, and we’re confident that we’ll come back stronger next week.  We’re working hard to keep improving, and our win against Cloud9 shows that we know how to come back from a tough start.  GG to Cloud9, and this is just the beginning for us!

If you want to stay up to date with Immortals’ competitive games as they’re happening, be sure to follow us on Twitter.  If you want to watch the games with fellow members of the #IMTeam, join us on Discord!  We’ll see you next week with another riveting edition of the Saga!

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