Thank you, SuiJeneris! Welcome aboard, HotSauce!

When Immortals originally picked up our Vainglory roster in February of 2017, we worked closely with head coach Jeffrey “SuiJeneris” Chau, to create a strong, sustainable team.  SuiJeneris has consistently been one of the pillars of our efforts in Vainglory, and when we recently revamped our roster, we prioritized keeping him as part of the team.  Jeff was essential to keeping the roster happy, healthy, and competitive, even through challenges like roster changes, relegations, and fighting back into the Vainglory 8.

All good things must come to an end, and we regret to announce that SuiJeneris is moving on from esports to pursue an exciting professional opportunity.  We’re proud and excited for him, and we can’t wait to see him excel at something new.  We’d like to thank him for his time, effort, and dedication during his time at Immortals.

“It’s been amazing being a part of IMT–hands down it’s been the best esports team environment I have had the lucky opportunity of being a part of,”  Jeff said in a statement.  “Although I am sad leaving such amazing teammates, leaders, and staff, I’m excited about this next entrepreneurial opportunity and feel great that our IMTVG team will be in great hands.  They are an amazing group supported by an amazing org and I’ll continue being their biggest fan and supporting their journey to become the champions they are.  I want to thank everyone at IMT for the incredible support and warmth I’ve experienced here. #IMTWIN!”

Our Vainglory squad will continue to be a priority for Immortals, and we’re pleased to announce our new coach: Mark “HotSauce” Harlan.  HotSauce graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelors and masters in Electrical Engineering, before starting to play Vainglory in December 2014.  He worked with the Hollywood Hammers for Hammers Velocity in 2015, and was part of Immortals as a team analyst during our spring 2016 championship season.

“I am incredibly excited to be the new head coach of the Vainglory team.” HotSauce says. “We are both sad to see Suij leave and excited for his next venture, but our focus remains on winning a championship.  I am confident that as a team, we will band together to fulfill this goal.”

Immortals recently returned to the Vainglory 8 after fighting our way through Challenge Battles, and are aiming to make our mark on the North American standings.

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