NOAH’S NOTES | Overwatch Branding

You might have heard the news, or the discussion around it, that Overwatch teams will need to maintain separate brands and names that are distinct from their flagship esports titles.  This means that when the Overwatch League launches, there won’t be the Los Angeles Immortals.  Instead, we’ll be representing LA under a different name.  Of course, we’ll still be bringing the core values and principles of Immortals to the Overwatch League, and our Overwatch team will be part of the Immortals family.

Our co-founder and CEO Noah Whinston wanted to add his two cents to the discussion, especially since Immortals is one of the teams most affected by this policy.  If you’re concerned about the upcoming Overwatch League after hearing about this ruling, Noah explains why this isn’t a deal-breaker.  

You can expect more information on the Overwatch League in the coming months, including our new branding plans.  Immortals is currently competing in Season One of Overwatch Contenders after claiming the crown in Season Zero.