The Saga: July 5th

The fourth of July has come and passed, leaving us all with full stomachs and a general sense of patriotism.  You may still be hungry though – hungry for esports.  If you didn’t catch Immortals’ last week of games, you missed out on some great moments.  We had some ups and downs; we had a rough week in League, but Immortals’ Overwatch squad scored a big win, and our CS:GO team fulfilled a long-standing dream.  If you didn’t get a chance to catch last week’s rollercoaster ride, the Saga will get you back up to date.


Tl;dr: Immortals win Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, and qualify for Season One!
Recommended Match: Immortals v Team Liquid (Grand Finals)

Overwatch Contenders Season Zero is the one of the biggest North American Overwatch tournament to date, and Immortals managed to take it all.  After a shaky group phase where we found our footing with KariV and Fate, we came back hard and only dropped one game during the playoffs stages.  (Does that still count if it was a draw?) Team Liquid and Immortals met in the finals, and we give them a lot of credit for putting up a tough fight, but Immortals were on fire.  We took the prize for Season Zero, and we’re automatically qualified for Contenders Season One.  GG to everyone who we faced during the course of Season Zero, and we can’t wait to come back for Season One!


Tl;dr: Immortals qualify for our first major, and we’re heading to Krakow!
Recommended Match: Immortals v Dignitas

It’s been a wild year for Immortals’ CS:GO team.  We’ve had our eyes on going to a Major, and last year we fell just short in a heartbreaking loss to G2.  Since then, we’ve undergone a few changes, including picking up our newest member kNg.  We’ve been working hard, and while we’ve slipped along the way, the entire time we kept the goal to make a Major.  We’ve finally succeeded, and the team is now in Europe. We’re going to be doubling down and working even harder to make the most of this opportunity!


Tl;dr: Oops! Immortals goes 0-2 against Team SoloMid and Phoenix1
Recommended Match: Immortals v Phoenix1 (Game One)

After a strong start to the split, we didn’t have a great couple of matches this week.  Unfortunately, we dropped two matches to TSM and Phoenix1, just before they head off to Rift Rivals.  We’ll definitely be working hard during the break to fix our mistakes and come back stronger.  In the meantime, check out a successful game against Phoenix1.  We’re still making those aggressive plays, we just went a little overboard this weekend.  We’re working on it!

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