The Saga: July 18th

Between Evo 2017, the PGL Major Kraków 2017 and the North American LCS being so chaotic, the esports world is buzzing.  Immortals had a lot on the line this weekend.  We’re still aiming for first place in the NA LCS, Shroomed and ANTi both participated in Evo, and our CS:GO squad are playing in Kraków, which is our first Major.  If your eyes were on one tournament and you missed another, the Saga is here to cover all things Immortals and get you back up to speed.


Tl;dr: Immortals go 2-0 this week, taking down Echo Fox and Cloud9.

Recommended Match: IMT v Cloud9, Game Three

Immortals are still aiming to finish the split strong, and this week was a good step in that direction.  We took down Echo Fox 2-0 in a convincing series, but had a rougher start against Cloud9.  After a dominating start by Cloud9, we dug our heels in and dragged the series back around.  It was a hard fought series, but we didn’t give up.  (An enormous Renekton piloted by Flame was a big help.)  GG to both Echo Fox and Cloud9, and we’ll be hoping to ride this momentum into our next matches against FlyQuest and CLG.


Tl;dr: Immortals go 1-1 in our first two matches at Kraków, narrowly losing against Astralis and picking up a win against Vega Squadron.

Recommended Match: IMT v Astralis

Immortals’ CS:GO squad has been making the most of the opportunity to attend our first Major.  We picked up a win against Vega Squadron, going 16-6, but our recommended match is an amazing show of how tenacious our boys are.  Astralis is considered one of the best teams in the world, but we forced them into overtime.  Even though we didn’t get the win, this match shows how determined we are to put up a good showing in Poland.  Our next match is Na’vi, and we’re going to be ravenous for the win.  GG to Vega Squadron and Astralis, and lend us your energy!


Tl;dr: ANTi finishes 25th at Evo, Shroomed finishes 17th

This was one of the most competitive, off-the-wall Evos yet.  ANTi and Shroomed both showed up, met a ton of fans, and had a blast… but unfortunately, they both were knocked out fairly early on.  ANTi ended up 25th, eliminated by Phoenix1’s CaptainZack, and Shroomed was knocked out by Swedish Delight.  There’s no shame in losing to good players, and every loss is a lesson; both of our Smashers are focused on coming back stronger next time!


Tl;dr: Immortals joins the Overwatch League as one of the first seven founding members.

After winning Overwatch Contenders Season Zero and going toe to toe with Rogue at the BEAT Invitaitonal 2017, Immortals is taking another step forward into the future of pro Overwatch.  We’ll be proudly representing LA in the Overwatch League as one of the seven founding teams.  Make sure you listen to our CEO, Noah Whinston, share what this means for IMT fans and our Overwatch team.

The coming days will be incredibly important for Immortals, so we’ll need every ounce of your support!  If you want to hear about our upcoming matches, be sure to follow us on Twitter.  If you’re looking for some viewing pals, check out our Discord, and join the party!  


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