The Saga: July 11th

With Rift Rivals going on, our League team took a week off to rest, prepare, and focus.  We’ll be showing off what they’ve been up to, and our plans for the rest of the split, in our upcoming mid-season video.  Our League boys were out of commission, but the rest of Immortals were still keeping their nose to the grindstone and getting results.  CS:GO, Smash, and Overwatch all had some explosive matches, and if you missed out on them, we’re here to get you back up to speed.  Remember, the best way to catch Immortals matches in real time is to follow us on Twitter, or check our competitive calendar.


tl;dr: Immortals make it to the grand finals of the 2017 Beat Invitational.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Rogue (Grand Finals)

After claiming the crown at Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, Immortals headed to the Overwatch Beat Invitational 2017.  We’re still working hard with Fate, Kariv—and our sub, Envy—to reach our maximum potential as a team.  The Beat Invitational was one of our biggest tests to date in this ongoing process.  We made it to the Grand Finals, taking down CLG, Envision, and Arc6 along the way.  There was just one obstacle in our way: Rogue.  After they took us down 3-1, we were hungry for a rematch in the grand finals, and we delivered a barn burner of a series for the fans at home.  After dropping three games early, we rallied hard and took the next three games, looking for the reverse sweep.  While Rogue eventually won, we’re proud of our performance and looking to improve upon the foundation we’ve built.  GG to everyone at the Beat Invitational, and WP to Rogue!


tl;dr: Shroomed makes it to 3rd in both Singles and Doubles at Melee: Genesis Red.
Recommended Match: Shroomed v Tempo S2J (Match Begins at 4:57:20)

Our boy Shroomed is on a single minded man in his pursuit of success and improvement.  He’s looking to take home a trophy, and Melee: Genesis Red was just the latest stop on his journey to become the best Smash player possible.  Shroomed made third in Melee Singles, and Doubles along with Tempo S2J.  Unfortunately, he had to climb over S2J to make it to the top 4 of Singles, which is our featured match.  Shroomed busts out not only his trademark Sheik, but shows off some Marth as well.  Next up, Shroomed will be heading to EVO and Get On My Level, and he’s going to be looking to build on his Top 4 success at Melee: Genesis Red.  Congrats to Shroomed, and GG to everyone he faced along the way!


tl;dr: Immortals go 1-3 at ESL One Cologne. Now, it’s off to Krakow!
Recommended Match: Immortals v

Immortals had four matches at ESL One Cologne, and they were some tough games.  We took down 16-12, and fought Liquid to a tense match in overtime, but unfortunately we fell against Liquid, G2, and Cloud9.  The team is working hard to learn from every game we lose, especially as we head into Krakow, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming Major.  Check out the recommended game against Virtus, where we showed off what we look like at our best.  GG to everyone we faced last week, and onwards to Poland!

There’s a lot to look forward to for Immortals in the coming weeks.  We’ll be returning to League of Legends and looking to reclaim the first place spot, our Smash crew is heading to EVO, and our CS:GO boys have finally achieved their dream of making it to a Major.  Our Overwatch team will be working hard for Overwatch Contenders Season One in August, and our Vainglory squad is continuing to succeed in Challenge Battles on their way back to the Vainglory 8.  We couldn’t achieve all of this without our fans, so please continue to lend us your energy!

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