Vainglory Shakeup

Immortals’ Vainglory squad is gearing up to go through the upcoming Challenge Battles, with the goal of re-entering the Vainglory 8.  We’re prepared for a long-term fight to get back to the top, and with that in mind, we’ve made some changes to our team.  We’ll be retaining Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau and Riley “DNZio” Haghian as head coach and laner, but we’re releasing Davis “Vains” Giang and Laurent “Aloh4” Ortega.  We’d like to thank Vains and Aloh4 for their hard work and effort, and wish them the best with their future efforts.

To replace them, we’re introducing three new members to the #IMTeam.  Please welcome Ray “Ttigers” Han, our new starting jungler, and Woo Hyun “Maxgreen” Choi, our new starting Captain.  In addition, we’re bringing on Alexander “Xelciar” Matevosyan as a laner sub.  Our competitive staff scouted these players out, looking for the top available talent in the Vainglory scene, and we’re confident that they’ll mesh well with Immortals.

Ttigers is one of the best junglers in the western Vainglory scene, and he’s considered to be one of the smartest Vainglory players in the game, as well as mechanically talented.  He established himself by leading his team to win the first Vainglory Live Championships as a laner in Autumn 2016.  His in-game skills and out of game leadership will be key components in our charge to re-enter in the Vainglory 8.  He has experience working with SuiJeneris, and he has a complementary skillset with DNZio, making him an ideal candidate for our new squad.

Maxgreen is a teammate of Ttigers, and while he’s unknown to many in the scene, he’s a sleeping giant who’s waiting to make his mark on Vainglory.  We’re looking forward to working with him to develop his already considerable in-game talent and help him reach his out of game goals.  He’s achieved the #1 rank in NA on, and earned his first live, on-stage experience at the Spring 2017 Western Unified Spring Championships.  Maxgreen is a humble player who’s consistently calm, clear-headed, and focused on putting the team first.  We’re confident that he’ll be the perfect counterweight to Ttigers and DNZio.

We’re also pleased to be working with Xelciar as a sub.  We’ll be actively working with him throughout the year and having him learn from DNZio, similar to our arrangement with our League of Legends in-house subs.  He has a lot of potential and talent, but he chose to turn down larger offers from other teams to join our Vainglory core and hone his skill set.

Immortals is dedicated to staying in the Vainglory scene, and we’ve assembled a squad to get us back to the top.  Please welcome our new members to the #IMTeam!

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