The Saga – June 6th

What a week it’s been for Immortals!  We’ve been toiling behind the scenes, going through draft phases, honing our Genji blades, scrimming relentlessly, and cleaning up our Smash game.  The effort’s been paying off in spades, as you might have seen this weekend.  If you missed our excellent weekend of esports – or you’re a new Immortals fan who heard the buzz – the Saga is a weekly feature that gets you caught up on the good stuff.  If you’re an old regular who chose not to watch our games this week, then you’re in for quite the treat.  Let’s get started!


Tl;dr: Immortals go 2-0 in our first week, taking down Phoenix1 2-1 and TSM 2-0
Recommended Match: Immortals v TSM Game 2

After our seventh place Spring finish, analysts and fans were a little wary of our Summer debut, especially since we were going up against Phoenix1 (who finished third) and TSM (the champions).  As it turns out, a little (okay, a lot) of elbow grease, a new jungler, and a lot of long hours on the part of our support staff were the keys to victory.  We roared out of the gates with a 2-0 lead, reverse sweeping Phoenix1 and winning against Team SoloMid.

We’re incredibly proud of the work that everyone put in – especially Jun Kang, our manager – to make this a reality.  Expect us to continue to put in work for the rest of the Summer Split.  If you want to catch up with the highlights and best moments of our weekend’s matches, check out our YouTube for some sweet montages.


Tl;dr: Shroomed comes Top 4 in Singles, 3rd place in Doubles at Smash ‘N Splash!
ANTi finishes 5th in Singles and 2nd in Doubles at Battle of BC2
Recommended Match: Shroomed v Armada

ANTi and Shroomed have both been chasing greatness, and lately they’ve been coming closer and closer to their goals.  Both of our boys competed this weekend; Shroomed attended Smash ‘N Splash, while ANTi went to the Battle of BC2.  ANTi continued on his momentum, finishing 5th in Singles and 2nd in Doubles with Luminosity’s Abagango.

It was Shroomed who really shined, scoring a top 4 finish at Smash ‘N Splash and finishing 3rd in Doubles.  Not only that, but check out our recommended match, where he took Armada to game 5.  He’s only the eighth player not rated in the top 5 to do this in Melee’s history, and it wouldn’t be possible without DaJuan’s dedication, tenacity, and determination.


Tl;dr: Immortals win the first stage of the Overwatch Contenders Season Zero tournament.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Toronto Esports (Grand Final)

Overwatch Contenders Season Zero has started, and Immortals were eager to show up and make an impact, especially with our new roster and staff.  We played together for 36 hours before the grand finals, but we managed to take the entire first stage of the tournament.  We’ll be moving onto the Group Stages of Season Zero next week with a healthy dose of seeds in our pocket.  We’re already working with KariV and Fate to come up with better shotcalling, synergy, and coordination, and we’re very excited for the potential we’ve shown so far.  Check out our featured match: the grand finals against Toronto Esports, where we show off our new roster’s aggression and tenacity.

Just because we’ve had one good (okay, fantastic) week doesn’t mean we’re going to be sitting back and resting.  We’re looking forward to our upcoming tournaments, which you can track on our Immortals wide calendar, and we need you to keep lending us your energy.

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