The Saga: June 20th

Hey, you!  What was our LCS record this weekend?  Who did our CS:GO squad go up against?  If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, it sounds like you missed out on the last week of competitive play for Immortals.  Don’t worry – the Saga is a weekly feature that gets you up to date on all of these important details.  If you’re kicking yourself over falling behind, don’t worry, just use our competitive calendar to get ready for next week.   Let’s get to Immortals’ victories (and hurdles) throughout the week!


Tl;dr: Immortals go 2-0 for the weekend, going 2-0 over Liquid and 2-1 over Cloud9
Recommended Match: Immortals v Cloud9, Game Three

Liquid and Cloud9 was an interesting test for us this weekend in the LCS.  We’ve assumed Liquid will be an easy win before, and lost because of it, so we wanted to go into the matches prepared and serious.  Cloud9, who finished second place last Split, was also a tough opponent that required prep and hard work on our part.  Happily, we came out ahead 2-0 against both opponents.  Liquid was a nice, clean sweep where we came out ahead 2-0.  Cloud9 was a much tougher fight; they took the first game against us.  We dug in and prepared for the long haul, and sure enough, we took the reverse sweep.  GG to both Cloud9 and Liquid, and be sure to watch our nail biting final game against C9 linked above!


tl;dr: Immortals goes 3-0 in Group C during Overwatch Contenders Season Zero Group Stages week one.
Recommended Match: Immortals vs. Yikes!

Overwatch Contenders Season Zero has moved onto the Group Stages, and we found ourselves up against FNRGRE, Yikes!, and Tempo Storm.  Undaunted by the competition, and armed with our new members Fate and KariV, we proceeded to mow through the rest of Group C.  We went 3-1 against FNRGRE, 4-0 against Yikes!, and 4-0 against Tempo Storm.  There’s a long road ahead of us still, but we’re pleased with our results so far.


tl;dr: Immortals takes the VIS Pro League Season 2 grand finals against TSM!
Recommended Match: Immortals v TSM, Grand Finals (Game 3)

The VIS Pro League was the first real test of our new roster, and we’re very pleased with how they’ve performed so far.  We took the entire tournament, meeting Team SoloMid in the finals and winning 3-1.  While we lost the first game, we managed to come back and take the next three against TSM, and with those games we secured first prize.  We’re proud of the new roster and we’re looking forward to Challenge Battles, where we’ll be fighting our way back into the VG8.


tl;dr: Immortals make it to the semi-finals of Dreamhack Open, fall against Fnatic 1-2.
Recommended Match: Immortals v SK Gaming

The Dreamhack Open was a huge opportunity for Immortals, and we managed to best not only mousesports, but also our Brazilian brothers SK Gaming.  We’re huge, friendly rivals with SK, and it was amazing to be able to take them down 16-11.  Unfortunately, we fell against Fnatic in the semi-finals.  While we were able to take one game off of Fnatic, they took us out 2-1, and moved onto the finals against SK Gaming.  While we’re glad SK defeated them to take the tournament, it’s bittersweet that we weren’t able to do so ourselves.  We’ll keep working hard, especially with our newest member kng playing like he’s on fire, and take the win next time.

We’re heading back to the grind, and we have a lot of big games ahead of us.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for our latest announcements and schedules, and join our Discord to chat with IMT staff and other fans.

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