The Saga: June 13th

While E3 is going on, Immortals has been focused on keeping up with our competitive events.  We’re preparing for more Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, our League team battled in the LCS, our CS:GO team made a shot at going to a Major, and we shook up our Vainglory roster!  The Saga is here to get you up to date on all of these events, so let’s get started!


Tl;dr: we go 1-1 in week 2, losing to Envy but picking up the win against FlyQuest.
Recommended Match: FLY v IMT, Game 3

We had an amazing week 1, but week 2 proved to be a challenge.  We went up against Team Envy and FlyQuest, and lost our first match against a surprisingly strong Envy.  We were determined to come back from that loss, and fought hard against FlyQuest on Saturday.  It was a long, brutal series, but we refused to back down.  We pulled out the 2-1 win in that series, and are now preparing to go up against Liquid and Cloud9.  GG to Envy and FlyQuest – we still have a lot of work to do, but we’re happy with our results so far!


Tl;dr: Immortals make it to the finals of the PGL Americas Minor Championship
Recommended Match: C9 v IMT, Grand Finals

Immortals attended the PGL America Minor Championship, and we were hungry for the prize of qualifying for a Major.  That determination took us all the way to the Grand Finals against Cloud9, and it was a close match.  While we were able to take one round, unfortunately Cloud9 defeated us 2-1.  They deserve the win and we’re going to be buckling down and working harder.  GG to Cloud9 and every other team we encountered at the Championship!


After a disappointing start to our time in the VG8, Immortals took a step back to retool and overhaul our roster.  We’re now rocking a new squad, keeping the successful elements from our previous team and rounding them out with some new talent.  We’ll be keeping you up to date on all things Vainglory as we fight our way back into the VG8 through Challenge Battles!

If you want to keep up to date on our next matches, be sure to follow us on Twitter!  We also maintain a competitive calendar via Stanza that shows all our upcoming matches.  We have a busy summer ahead of us, so continue to lend us your energy!

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