Nomy and Aythen released; Envy joins Overwatch Squad as sub

We recently made some changes to our Overwatch squad’s starting roster, and we’re pleased with the results so far.  Immortals has been enjoying success in the Overwatch Contenders Season Zero event, and we’re having a great experience working with KariV, Fate, and Ookz.  We’re planning on building on those changes, and our long-term goal is to build a positive environment that fosters talent and integrates our players into one, cohesive unit.

We’re making some change to our subs in order to facilitate those goals.  We are releasing Nomy and Aythen, and wish them luck; they were a big part of Immortals’ success, and we believe they will continue to succeed.  We are bringing aboard a new sub, and we hope you give him a warm welcome: Kangjae “envy” Lee!

You may already know envy from Rhinos Gaming Wings, a team that graduated from Challengers scene into APEX.  While envy had other Overwatch opportunities, he was excited at the opportunity to work with our coach, Ookz, and the rest of the #IMTeam.

A remarkably versatile player, envy can flex into dps and offtank.  He’ll be joining KariV, Fate, and Ookz and working to integrate with the English speaking members of the squad.  “Although I’m going to America to be Immortals’ 7th man, I will take this opportunity to become the number one flex player in Overwatch and work hard to make Immortals even stronger.”

“As Immortals’ Overwatch team manager, I’m looking forward to what envy brings to the table.  He’s a hungry player looking to constantly improve and his skillset will add depth to our squad and enable us to prepare for the future.”  said General Manager Joshua Kim.  “He’s a talented player that has got a fire burning in his heart that will in turn light a fire under the other players.  I look forward to our progress.”

We’ll be continuing to compete in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero later this month, and Immortals is working hard to build synergy and overcome our communication issues.  We’re confident having envy as a sub will be beneficial to both parties, and we’re looking forward to working with him both in and out of game.

You can follow envy on Twitter