Welcome Our New Head Coach for the LCS Summer Split

Last Split, we focused on creating a strong infrastructure around our League team.  This Summer, we’re looking to improve on that foundation, and that includes bringing in a coach who can help us improve on our weaknesses and build on our strengths.  We had a specific set of criteria for our new coach: we needed someone who could work with a multilingual team, someone with experience and game knowledge, and a good cultural fit who can handle player dynamics.  Luckily, we believe we’ve found the perfect fit: please welcome our new head coach: Sang-soo “SSONG” Kim.

“When I had my initial conversation with Immortals’ management, I felt very good about the team after the conversation.” said Ssong. “The players are very hardworking and passionate about the game. They are very open towards criticism and they want to improve every day.  Also the coaching staff and the players provide very positive environment to work with.  I am excited to show the improvement that we will have as a team.”

Ssong most recently worked with Longzhu Gaming, but is best known for his time as head coach of the ROX Tigers in 2016 during their run to claim the summer crown of the LCK and finish in the semi-finals at Worlds.  Not only is he known for being a coach, but he’s also an accomplished player: NaJin Black Sword, with Ssong as their mid laner, won the LCK Championship in Season 2, and headed to Worlds.

That experience will make him an invaluable addition to Immortals. “When I was a player, I had numerous experiences in tournaments and was good enough to win titles as well.” Ssong said.  “But I also experienced the downhill as a player and went through tough times as well.  From those experiences, I can understand players’ point of view and realize what I need to do to take care of players’ mental health to improve.”

“Ssong is well-respected in Korea for his competence and ability to manage both player relationships and in-game strategy. We’re excited to work with him not only on turning IMT’s roster into a contender in the short term, but also on developing our promising rookies for future splits.” added CEO Noah Whinston.

We’re excited to welcome Ssong aboard to the #IMTeam, and we’re looking forward to the Summer Split.  Between our new coach, veteran jungler, and two in-house subs, Immortals is making positive strides towards building a sustainable, strong organization.