The Saga – May 18th

Summer is approaching, and that means that we’ll be heading back into the LCS.  We’ve already announced our new jungler, and we have more announcements to come about our new coach and in-house subs.  While you wait for more League information, why not use the Saga to catch up on our other teams?  Our CS:GO, Smash, and Overwatch players have been working hard over the last two weeks, and here are their results.


Tl;dr: Immortals make it to the semifinals of the Suburu Invitational, and are knocked out by SK Gaming.
Recommended Match: IMT v Liquid

Our CS:GO squad may be the hardest working team in the organization!  Not only did they continue to compete in the ESL Pro League, but you can also catch them in the ECS.  We managed to find time to attend the Subaru Invitational, where we made it to the playoffs.  While we triumphed over Liquid in our recommended match in the quarterfinals, we were unfortunately unable to triumph in the semifinals.  At least we can take comfort that it was our Brazilian brothers, SK Gaming, who advanced!  GGs to Liquid and SK Gaming.


Tl:dr: Shroomed and ANTi both finish 3rd in their Doubles brackets.  Shroomed finishes 5th in Singles, ANTi finishes 13th.
Recommended Match: IMT Shroomed v MSF The Moon

Forget the Mid-Season Invitational – if you ask us, Royal Flush was the place to be this weekend.  We had both ANTi and Shroomed representing the IMT Teal on stage, and we’re proud of both of our boys.

ANTi tied for 13th in the Smash 4 Singles bracket, but made 3rd in the Doubles bracket with Zinoto.  Shroomed managed a top 8 finish, coming in tied for 5th in singles and also finishing 3rd in Doubles.  We’re proud of both of our Smash Bros, and we’re looking forward to seeing them ride this momentum into their next tournaments!


Tl;dr: The #IMTeam makes it to the quarterfinals of the iBUYPOWER Invitational, and are unable to reverse sweep Counter Logic Gaming.
Recommended Match: IMT v Counter Logic Gaming on Lijiang Tower

After getting the boys together for a boot camp in California, it was time to put those skills to the test.  We made it to the playoffs of the iBUYPOWER Invitational, and we very nearly reverse swept Counter Logic Gaming.  This series is definitely worth a watch, but we suggest you watch the battle on Lijiang Tower.  It has it all: the beginnings of a major comeback, team play, and Agilities on a surprise Pharah pick.

The next few weeks are going to be busy for Immortals, so make sure you keep up to date with us by following us on Twitter.  For a more indepth conversation, jump into our Discord to join Immortals fans and staff as we discuss the newest announcements!

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