The Saga – April 18th

We may not be heading to Vancouver for the League finals, but Immortals is still competing in a host of other esports.  Our Overwatch team returned to action for the Alienware Monthly Melee, our CS:GO team continues to go hard in ESL and ECS, and ANTi showed up as a multifaceted player at CEO Dreamland.  If you want to follow along with our events as they’re live, remember to follow us on Twitter.  Remember, there’s a whole host of IMT fans who can watch live with you in our Discord.  If you’ve fallen behind and want to get caught up on the Immortals’ journey, the Saga is here for you.


Tl;dr: ANTi attends CEO Dreamland, finishes 13th in Singles
Recommended Match: ANTi v Raito

ANTi is a man of many talents, and so it’s not surprising that he was spotted playing Brawl, 4, and even Street Fighter during his time at CEO Dreamland in Florida.  Unfortunately, ANTi wasn’t able to crack the Top 8, and finished 13th in the Singles Bracket.  This may not have been his most successful event with gameplay, but ANTi still had a blast.  Our featured Smash game for the week didn’t end in ANTi’s favour, but it still shows off some of his famous Mario play.


Tl;dr: Immortals fall 1-2 against Gankstars in Week 5 of the VG8
Recommended Match: IMT v Gankstars Game 2
Immortals is continuing to progress through the VG8; this week, we went up against Gankstars.  In our featured match, you get to see some early game aggression and synergy from our Vainglory squad that led to a win.  While we weren’t able to carry that momentum forward into Match 3 and take the series, we’re focused on improving and building a foundation for success.  GG to Gankstars!


Tl;dr: Immortals falls just short of playoffs in the Kiev StarLadder Season 3 Finals
Recommended Match: Immortals v Selfless Gaming

This week, Immortals played in both ECS Season 3 and ESL Season 4.  Our opponent in ECS was Selfless Gaming, which is our featured match of the week; we took the game in a 16-1 blowout.  This showdown had Immortals firing on all cylinders, and the results are spectacular.  GG to Selfless!

We also faced Cloud9 in ESL; we went 1-1 against them, taking one match 16-6 but falling in a close 13-16 fight in our second bout.  GG to Cloud9, and we’re looking forward to building off the momentum of this week!


Tl;dr: Immortals finishes fourth in the Alienware Monthly Melee
Recommended Match: Immortals v NRG

Overwatch is coming out of hibernation, and we came roaring out of the gates on the first day of matches.  Not only did we go 3-0 on our first day, but Agilities drew massive praise for cleaning up on his trademark Genji.  While we stumbled on the second day, going down into the Loser’s Bracket, we showed the value of taking a break to find our footing again.  The flame has been relit for Immortals, and we showed just how bright we can burn.

Make sure to stay tuned, because there’s more Immortals action coming for the rest of April.  Every match, we rely on fans to lend us their energy and cheer for the #IMTWIN!

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