Immortal Immortality: Immortalized Immortaly

After a series of high profile capital venture investments, Immortals is excited to announce the most ambitious project in esports yet.  With the help of Elon Musk’s new Neuralink investments, Immortals players will be pursuing literal immortality.  Neuralink is a venture that seeks to meld the human mind with a sophisticated AI, and we look forward to using this world-changing, cutting-edge tech to finally win the NA LCS.

“We were planning to originally test this tech on bonobos, but it was deemed unethical.” said one researcher.  “Fortunately, League of Legends players make the perfect replacement.”

“We’ve noted that some of our players can occasionally tire, or feel emotional needs.” noted CEO Noah Whinston. “If you look at the all-time greats, you’ll notice that none of them succumbed to petty lizard brain functions like ‘fear’.  Ultimately, we just felt like that this was a stronger direction for our roster moving into the Summer Split.”

We’re already seeing some early results after installing Neuralink technology in the Immortals house.  “With thousands of years added to my new, extended lifespan, I’m confident that I can remain North America’s best Lee Sin.” said Joshua “Dardoch” Harnett, seconds after emerging from the metallic Joining Womb.  

After a pause to consult the thousands of cacophonous, digital voices in his skull, he added: “Maybe one day, in the far future, we can even beat the Koreans.”