Boltz and INTZ Micao Swap Games

For the last several months, Immortals and INTZ have been working closely with renowned esportsologist Dr. Lagalót to investigate what, exactly, makes professional esports competitors so good.  After a breakthrough late last week, we’re pleased to announce the discovery of several unique genetic markers that allow them to excel at any game they choose.

With this discovery, Immortals and INTZ have joined forces to announce a new and exciting project.  Effectively immediately, CS:GO player Boltz will be joining the INTZ League squad, while League player Micao will be joining the IMT CS:GO squad.

Micao and Boltz are eager to pioneer this breathtaking new field of esportsology; and will be joining their new teams for the remainder of the season.

Boltz, tucking away his knife and pulling out a Teemo hat, had this to say:

“I finally found my true passion!  At last I can scream to the world: ‘I’ll be a LoL professional!’”

Micao, searching online for an extra-large mousepad, added:
“I’m thrilled to be able to perform at my fullest in a game where my personal skills can be recognized above anyone else’s. I’m certain all those Caitlyn games will make me an amazing awper.”