Week 8 LCS Cheer Guide

With playoffs approaching, every game – not just Immortals games – can have a crucial impact on the final rankings.  Reddit user /u/BanjoStory made a Cheering Guide for our friends over at Team Liquid, and we were inspired to do something similar as we chase that playoff glory.  Make sure to lend us all of your available energy as the weekend unfolds with these games.

First off…

There are two obvious games here.  Immortals are going up against Cloud9 and Phoenix1. These are going to be tough matches, since C9 and P1 are in, respectively, second and third place… but if we’re aiming for playoffs we have to be prepared to go up against opponents that look stronger than we do.  We’ve been improving all split, and this week is going to be a great test for us.  When it comes to P1 and C9, make sure you cheer for the #IMTWin. (Our Discord is a great place to do this!)

Dignitas vs Liquid:

Team Dignitas are right on our heels, chasing us down for playoffs.  We want Liquid to take out Dignitas, because that will give us a little more breathing room to pull ahead.  You can also cheer for Immortals alumni Adrian and Reignover while you’re at it – that’s what we call a win-win.

Echo Fox vs CLG

Echo Fox and Counter Logic Gaming are two teams we’ve been jostling with all split long, but we definitely want Echo Fox to take this series.  Counter Logic Gaming are a dangerous opponent who have bested us before, and can even take down teams like Cloud9, but we’re a little more confident in our ability to beat out Echo Fox after our Match of the Week showdown. We also hold the 2-0 match record tiebreaker over Echo Fox, so even if we finish with same number of wins at the end of the season, we’ll make it into playoffs over them.

Team EnVy vs Dignitas

Once again, we want Dignitas to end up falling here.  Anything that gives us a little more space and allows us to pull ahead into that playoff slot is good news.

TSM vs FlyQuest

This may seem like a matchup between titans based on the results from the first half of the Split, but TSM has gotten stronger and FlyQuest has become our close competition for those sweet, sweet playoff seeds – especially after we 2-0’d FlyQuest last weekend.  You may be tired of that ubiquitous chant, but…one last time: TSM! TSM! TSM!

Liquid vs Phoenix1

Liquid have made some pretty strong roster changes, and we don’t want to underestimate them… so any obstacle in their way is a good thing for us.  This includes another loss to Phoenix1.  Let’s hope that fire is enough to trump water this week.

TSM vs Echo Fox

TSM is out of reach, and we likely won’t be contesting them until we actually (hopefully) meet with playoffs.  Meanwhile, Echo Fox is our direct competitor.  We want TSM to take the series, here, and then we can start preparing on what we’ll do when we meet them at playoffs.  Until then, we’re going on a strict “cheer for TSM” policy.

CLG vs FlyQuest

While CLG have had some high moments, like taking down Cloud9, we want them to lose to FlyQuest here so that they’re bumped down and we have a chance to surpass them. That being said, this isn’t a critical matchup; these teams are in 4th and 5th, so either way, so maybe save your cheering voice on this one.

Team EnVy vs Cloud9
When poor EnVy in tenth place, it feels bad to continue to wish ill fate upon them… but we need them to stay down there and stay away from our seed.  So, let’s hope that Cloud9 manage to take care of them for us.