The Saga – March 7th

This has been a big week for Immortals.  We returned to the LCS after a week long break, we’re continuing to compete in the Overwatch Carbon Series, and our CS:GO squad traveled to Poland to duke it out in IEM Katowice.  You may have had your eyes on Poland and missed the LCS, or been so focused on our Overwatch journey that you completely missed that we were returning to League.  If that’s the case, don’t sweat it: The Saga covers all of our big games for the week, so you’re in the right place.  Read on to get caught back up with the Immortals story so far.


Tl;dr: We roar out of Group A and make it to the semifinals at IEM Katowice!
Recommended Match: Immortals v Fnatic

Immortals were the underdogs heading into IEM Katowice, but we quickly proved our worth.  While we dropped a game to FaZe Clan, we then tore through Optic Gaming, Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Fnatic.  We advanced to the quarterfinals, where we faced and eventually conquered North.  While we couldn’t make it past FaZe when we met again in the semifinals, we’re proud of our performance.

Our recommended match is definitely the nailbiter comeback against Fnatic.  Most teams down 13×3 would have rolled over and showed their stomachs.  We doubled down and came back harder.  Viewers who expected Immortals to lay down and die at Katowice were proven wrong – and now we’re preparing to come back stronger for next time.


Tl;dr: We’re continuing to compete in the Overwatch Carbon Series.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Team Liquid

After winning for so long, fans were surprised to see Immortals start to stumble in the early days of the Overwatch Carbon Series.  Those losses are just making us stronger overall, and we’re working on coming back hard.  Case in point, check out this match against Liquid, where we came out ahead 3-1.  Our next two matches are against Hammers and Renegades, and we’re revving up to build on our momentum and patch up our weaknesses in time for the next stage of the tournament.


Tl;dr: We drop both series this week, motivating us to pick things up!
Recommended Match: Immortals v Team Liquid, Game 1

This week, unfortunately, didn’t showcase Immortals at our best.  Our recommended match is the Immortals we want to be: aggressive, decisive, and coordinated.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep that pace up during the rest of the weekend, but our players and staff are both dedicated to turning things around in the back half of the season and making a run for playoffs.

We’re proud of our progress so far at IEM Katowice and in Overwatch, but Immortals has a long way to go.  We’re going to be buckling down and working hard in every game we’re participating in.  Follow our next events on Twitter and Facebook, or join our Discord to share in the ups and downs of the Immortals journey with other fans.