The Saga: March 28th

The last weekend was a big one for Immortals.  While we faltered in some arenas, we took home the prize in others.  You may have been glued to our playoffs run in League, engrossed in Civil War unfolding, or watched us compete in the finals of the five week Carbon Entertainment Series.  Maybe you missed all of the above, and you took a vacation from esports this week.  Even if that last thing’s the case, we’ll find it in our hearts to forgive you, and the Saga is here to get you up to speed on all Immortals teams!


Tl;dr: Immortals fall short of making the playoffs for Spring
Recommended Match: Immortals v Counter Logic Gaming, Game 1

We’re absolutely disappointed that we fell short of the playoffs for the Spring Split, and all of us at IMT were glued to our screens until the bitter end… but we’re also proud of the team for the hard work they put in this Spring Split.  We remain committed to the long term process; this is a marathon, not a sprint.  We’re going to show up in Summer even more dedicated, glued together, and ready to take on the entire LCS.  While we fell short, we’re choosing to focus on the progress we made.  For the recommended match, get one last taste of Immortals before we go into training mode. GGs to Counter Logic Gaming and Dignitas, and get well soon, Stixxay!


Tl;dr: Immortals wins the Carbon Entertainment Series!
Recommended Match: Immortals v LG Evil (Grand Finals)

Is it too soon to say that we’re out of our slump?  Immortals took the entire Carbon Entertainment Series, taking out LG Evil 3-1 in the finals.  We’ve had a few rocky matches, but the entire team pulled together and focused on playing as a unit and communicating.  It paid off, and we finish the five week Carbon Entertainment Series as champions. GG to LG Evil, and we learned a lot over the course of the tournament.  We’re looking forward to our next challenges!

Smash 4

Tl;dr: ANTi helps Team Zero to victory in Civil War; finishes 25th in Singles and tied for 5th in Doubles
Recommended Match: $10,000 Crew Battle

2GGC: Civil War this year was the stuff of legends.  Captain Falcon and Link pulling out amazing performances and smashing top tier picks?  One of the most stacked talent pools in recent memory?  This entire tournament was a blast from start to finish.  Our personal highlight is the Team Zero versus Team Ally Crew battle.  ANTi had a stylish entrance, and then helped bring Team Zero to victory.  As for the rest of the tournament, he ranked 25th in Singles and tied for 5th in Doubles along with Larry Lurr.  It’s now time for ANTi to take a break, recharge, and prepare for the next round of challenges.


Tl;dr: Shroomed attends Full Bloom 3, finishing 9th in the Singles Bracket and 3rd in Doubles
Recommended Match: Shroomed v Cob

Full Bloom 3 was a one-day event, making it one stacked weekend for Smash.  Shroomed was there to represent Immortals, playing his signature Sheik.  Check out his match against Cob, in a Sheik v Peach matchup, in the Pools Wave B Winner’s Finals.  Ultimately, Shroomed finished 9th in the Singles Bracket and 3rd in the Doubles Bracket with S2J.  GGs to everyone at Full Bloom – onto the next tournament!


Tl;dr: Immortals wins the StarLadder Season 3 North American Qualifier, and narrowly wins against NRG in ESL.
Recommended Match: Immortals v NRG

It’s been a busy week for Immortals’ CS:GO squad!  First, we took the Season 3 North American Qualifier for StarLadder’s i-League.  We took down Counter Logic Gaming 2-0.  GG to Counter Logic Gaming!  Our recommended match for the week actually comes after that – we faced down NRG in the ESL Pro League and it was a nailbiter match.  While we managed to get the W, NRG threw everything and the kitchen sink at us in the process.  Our next big challenge is a homecoming; we’ll be playing in the Brasil Game Cup!

We’ve had some ups and downs this week, but we’re not going to throw in the towel.  For updates on our League team during the break, as well as our other teams who are continuing to compete, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  To mourn and celebrate with other fans, check out our Discord for a vibrant community – we may have missed our playoffs shot, but it’s never too late to join the #IMTeam!

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