The Saga: March 22nd

This has been one of those weeks where every member of the Immortals squad is out there competing for glory.  Unless you have an Ozymandias style set-up, there’s a really good chance you might have missed a game or two.  We at IMT want you to be in on the loop with every up and down in our journey, so we’ve gone ahead and prepared the weekly Saga to catch you back up.  Read on for our adventures in League, Vainglory, Smash 4 and Melee, and Overwatch!


Tl;dr: Immortals go 1-1! We upset C9, but go 0-2 against Phoenix1
Recommended Match: Immortals v Cloud9, Game 3

Week 8 was a tough set of matches for us, and we knew that the odds were stacked against us going in.  We took down Cloud 9 in a 2-1 brawl, and we’re definitely proud of that, but we also know that we could have done better against Phoenix1.  We are now officially free of the Relegation Zone and are definitely in for Summer 2017, but we’re not resting until we know we’ve done everything we can to secure a playoffs slot and compete for the throne.


Tl;dr: We 2-0 Echo Fox in the VG8, but fall 1-2 against Gankstars in the semi-finals
Recommended Match: Immortals v Echo Fox, Game 1

After going down against TSM, we wanted to recoup and come back harder.  We succeeded against Echo Fox, taking them out in a dominant 2-0 series.  This was a great start, but we weren’t able to build on that momentum and move on against Gankstars.  While we did take game 2 against Gankstars after losing the first match, we weren’t able to complete the reverse sweep.  We’re encouraged by our wins but humbled by our losses.  GG to Echo Fox and Gankstars!


Tl;dr: Immortals continues to compete in the Carbon Entertainment Series, comes 4th in the Alienware Monthly Melee
Recommended Match: Immortals v Renegades (Temple of Anubis)

Our Overwatch squad are currently in a flurry of tournaments!  They participated in the Alienware Monthly Melee, are continuing to compete in the Carbon Entertainment Series, and have the Overwatch PIT Championship approaching.  Every month, the Alienware Monthly Melee becomes more competitive.  This month, we only placed 4th, coming behind Rogue, Selfless Gaming, and Luminosity Gaming Evil.  We learned a lot from the competition and we’re always honored to get to play against such an assortment of talented teams.  We’re working on improving, and look forward to showing our stuff next month.

In the Carbon Entertainment Series, we are currently third place in the group stage with a 4-4 record.  Coming back against Renegades and taking the revenge series in the recommended match above has helped us find our footing.  We’re planning on finishing the Carbon Series strong – keep lending us your energy!

Smash 4

Tl;dr: ANTi finishes 3rd in the singles bracket, takes gold in the doubles bracket with JK.
Recommended Match: ANTi and JK v Best Ness and Diablo

ANTi headed to Rise 2017 to show his stuff after a disappointing performance at PAX East.  His wise lessons of learning to relax clearly paid off, because our boy had a strong showing this time around.  The recommended match above in the Winners Finals shows off some of those excellent Mario skills we’ve been missing.  Congratulations to ANTI on his performance, and we’re looking forward to seeing you do even better next time around!


Tl;dr: Shroomed finishes 5th in the singles brackets and 2nd in the doubles brackets.
Recommended Match: Shroomed v Baitu

Shroomed may have missed out on Smash Summit, but he was eager to get back into the game.  He attended Frame Perfect Series 2, and put up an excellent fight, making the top 8 and taking 2nd place in the doubles bracket.  Check out that sleek Sheik shuffle in the recommended match above, when NorCal and Japan clash in a Shroomed v Baitu battle.  We’re lokoing forward to seeing Shroomed continue to grow on the next steps of his journey!

That’s one week down, but it’s only going to get more intense from here.  Our story will continue, and the best place to get updated is our Twitter and Facebook.  Join our Discord for an even closer look at our squad as we continue to compete!