The Saga – March 15th

Another week, another round of matches, and another set of triumphs and upsets.  Immortals is continuing to compete across a whole host of esports, and we’d like to invite you along for the ride.  The Saga is a comprehensive, short and sweet recap of the Immortals’ efforts across CS:GO, League, Overwatch, Vainglory, and Smash.  If you’ve missed a game or two, you’re in the right place.  Let’s get caught up!


Tl;dr: Immortals go 1-1, taking down FlyQuest but falling to TSM
Recommended Match: TSM v Immortals, Game 1

We promised that we would be working hard on honing our early game aggression into something a little more cohesive, and we showed off our results this week.  After last week, some suspected we might pull out another 0-2, but we’ve had our nose to the grindstones and we’re pleased with the results so far.  We took out FlyQuest and took a dominant game one off TSM.  We hope that this week showed off where we’re heading as a team, and we’re going to continue to grow and strengthen our foundation during the rest of the season.  We’re planning on making the playoffs, so continue to lend us your energy!


Tl;dr: We go 1-1 against C9 in ESL, and 2-0 against both Winterfox and Misfits in StarLadder i-League StarSeries S3
Recommended Match: Immortals v Misfits

After IEM Katowice, we weren’t content to rest on our laurels from making it to the semifinals.  We were hungry for more competition, and so we headed to both ESL and the StarLadder i-League StarSeries.  While we tied against Cloud9, we took out both Winterfox and Misfits 2-0 in the StarSeries.  Make sure you check out our match against Misfits (which begins at 3:12:00 in the link above) for some ridiculously good plays, including an absurd snipe through a smoke grenade.  We’re only going to get better from here on out!


Tl;dr: We go 0-2 against Team SoloMid in the VG8.
Recommended Match: TSM v Immortals

We headed back into the Vainglory 8, once again facing off against TSM.  Unfortunately, it was a one-sided match, with TSM taking a 2-0 victory.  GG to TSM, but we’re not worried about the future.  Immortals’ Vainglory squad is still finding their footing, and they’ve been in a similar position in the past once while they were under the banner of Hammers.  We’ve climbed up from the bottom to become champions once, and we’ll be doing it again.  When you watch the recommended match, consider that our starting point for our incoming climb.  We’ll be shoring up our strength and coming back harder for the next week of competition in the V8.  GG to TSM!


Tl;dr: ANTi heads to PAX East to learn a lot about himself.

ANTi headed to PAX East to participate in the PAX Arena tournament.  While it wasn’t his finest showing, and he ended up on the bottom of the brackets, we’re not worried about our boy.  No one says it better than ANTi himself:

ANTi is planning on stepping up and overcoming his tournament nerves by participating more, and we’re in his corner.  Congratulations to ZeRo, the tournament winner!  Before long, you’ll be seeing a new, rejuvenated ANTi on stage.

That’s one week down, but we’re not taking any breaks!  Continue to follow our Saga on Twitter and Facebook, or join our Discord to get an up and close glimpse of Immortals as we improve, endure, and compete.

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