Immortals Bows Out of Overwatch PIT Championship

Our Overwatch squad has been competing nearly non-stop since signing the initial roster and conquering the Alienware Monthly Melee in December.  Since then, the team has been participating in each Alienware Monthly Melee, as well as the five week Carbon Entertainment Series.  We ultimately picked up the win at the Carbon Series, and we’re proud of our Overwatch squad’s success.

This effort did not come easy, however, and so we are unfortunately bowing out of the Overwatch PIT Championship to give the team much needed time to rest and refocus.  As Head Coach Zac “Chance” Palmer notes, “Everybody on the team has a strong desire to perform, so much so, that we often walk till we drop.”  After our recent run at the Carbon Series, the team does not feel confident that they could give the PIT Championship the time, energy, and priority that it deserves.

In-game leader Stefano “Verbo” Disalvo explains this decision.  “Choosing your battles is something of importance to us here at Immortals.  Thinking about the future and mapping out the steps before taking them is imperative to all of us.  We have decided to take this time to… prepare ourselves for consistency and growth in becoming a top-tier Overwatch team.”

Zac “Chance” Palmer and the Immortals org will be preparing the team for the next challenge.  We’ll be announcing our next tournament attendance on Twitter, Facebook, and our Calendar; so be sure to follow us!  Best of luck to the teams participating in the PIT Championship, and we’ll see you soon!