Announcing Nick Phan as our new General Manager!

Ever since we entered the esports scene in October of 2015, we’ve been relentlessly growing and expanding outwards.  Whether it’s entering new games like CS:GO, Overwatch, and Vainglory, or building a network of professionals to provide necessary infrastructure, Immortals is continually dedicated to setting a new standard in building a healthy, sustainable organization.  Part of this is having capable management who can work with players, coaches, and staff to create this environment for the Immortals organization as a whole.

With that in mind, we’d like to welcome Nick Phan as our new General Manager.  Nick Phan most recently worked with Team Liquid, but he also has a history of experience in traditional sports.  We’re excited to work with Nick as we marshal our forces for 2017 and onwards.

“My work won’t be focused on just the League team.” Nick says.  “My overall goal is to help spur success for these teams.”  Nick joined Immortals after comparing notes with CEO Noah Whinston and League of Legends Head Coach Robert Yip.  “After getting to know the staff, I think there’s a clear vision alignment.” Nick says.  “We want to make Immortals one of the most engaging organizations and franchise that esports has seen.  A lot of that comes from maintaining integrity with players and staff.  We want to make this one of the healthiest environments across all boards: emotional, physical, and mental.”

“I am excited to work with Nick, he will help our organization with his great work ethic and experience.  He is definitely a valuable addition to the team.” says League Manager Jun Kang.

CEO Noah Whinston adds: “Successful esports organizations are the ones best able to balance the needs of their players with the needs of their business. Nick’s experience in creating a healthy culture between players, staff, and organization is integral to the long term health of Immortals.”

“I’m enjoying my time here a lot.”  Nick says, and as for the future, he hints: “I have a few tricks up my sleeves.”

You can find Nick on Twitter. Make sure to follow Immortals on Twitter, or join our Discord, to keep up with the #IMTeam as we continue to grow and evolve.