The Saga: Feb 8th

This weekend was host to two must-watch sports events: first, there was the Superbowl, and then there was the CS:GO IEM Katowice Qualifier.  Most people already know the results of the first event, but you might have missed the second.  Add in the fact that our League squad competes every weekend in the LCS, and it was a busy weekend for Immortals.  If you missed our latest matches, we have a short and sweet Saga to get you back up to speed.


Tl;dr: Immortals qualify for IEM Katowice!
Recommended Match: Immortals v Team Liquid

Our CS:GO squad has been incredibly hungry for a big win, especially after falling just short of victory and a Major spot recently.  We came into the IEM Katowice qualifiers absolutely ravenous for a chance to compete in Poland.  That drive paid off big for us: we mowed through Counter Logic Gaming to start, picking up Train 16×8 and then Cobblestone 16×5.  We carried that momentum into our next match against Team Liquid.  While they picked up the first round on Cobblestone, we fought back hard and took the next two matches.  We faced Liquid once again in the finals and relentlessly pushed our advantage, picking up both matches 16×4 and 16×11.  While Team Liquid fought valiantly, our boys refused to take another disappointment, and our tenacity was rewarded with the ultimate win.  Our newest member, fnx, had an astounding debut and we’re looking forward to competing at Katowice.

Fnx is the newest member of our CS:GO squad after a trade with SK Gaming.  Felps is moving on to join our Brazilian brothers, and we’re bringing fnx aboard.  We’re looking forward to showing more of our new squad at our next events in the ESL Pro League and ECS.


Tl;dr: Immortals go 0-2, losing to Phoenix1 and FlyQuest.
“Recommended” Match: Immortals v FlyQuest, Game 1

Okay, look, sometimes even an Immortal can slip up.  We’ve been proud of our ambitious play and scrappy fighting, but we might have pushed it a little too far against FlyQuest.  (In our defense, most teams look a little shook playing against Hai this split).  As a mea culpa, we offer you this match.  Sure, it’s a bit of a fiesta, but we can reassure you that even at our lowest we’ll never be the fifty minute, drag out a match, refuse to fight team.  We’ll be the dive deep, go ham, and fight for the win team.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out.


What’s that?  That looks like a new game!  That’s right, we’ve introduced an Immortals Vainglory squad.  We’ve acquired the successful NA roster and coach of Hammers Velocity, and we’ll be debuting in the spring season.  We’re incredibly proud of this team and their work, and we’re excited to invest in them and create an even better team.  You can find more details about the team, their journey, and our pickup in the official press release, and we’ll be continuing to update on the team as they debut under their new banner.

We may have made it to Katowice, but Immortals still has plenty of challenges ahead.  Next week, we face off against Dignitas and Team Liquid.  ANTi will also be competing at 2GGC: Midwest Mayhem Saga.  Make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action by following us on Twitter and Facebook.  Our Discord also allows you a backstage pass to chat with other fans and team members.  See you next week!


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