The Saga – Feb 27th

While some of our teams are getting a well deserved break from competing on stage, Immortals hasn’t slowed down.  We’ve been continuing to compete in Overwatch and Vainglory while our CS:GO team prepares for IEM Katowice and our League squad continues to build synergy and work hard for the run up to Spring playoffs.  If you’ve missed out on our younger teams, the Saga runs you through the thrilling highs and lows that our teams experienced this week.  You have plenty of time to catch up before March begins and we’re back in the full swing of things!


Tl;dr: We compete in the Vainglory Pre-Season Invitational, but lose to Misfits
Recommended Match: Immortals v Misfits

Our Vainglory team had their first high profile game in the Vainglory Pre-Season Invitational, playing against a gauntlet of other teams.  We’ve been raring to show our stuff before the VG8 begins, and we were drawn early in the gauntlet.  We ended up losing 0-2 to Misfits, but it was a bloody and exciting match that’s definitely worth watching.  Misfits went on to take the entire gauntlet, so GG to them!  We’ll be preparing for our next matches and revving up to show a stronger performance next time.


Tl;dr: #IMTOW hit a rough patch, but we still finish in third place in the Alienware Monthly Melee
Recommended Match: Immortals v Faze Clan

We got off to a strong start in the Overwatch Carbon Series with a 3-0 series against compLexity, and our next match was expected to be equally one-sided.  However, Luminosity surprised everyone – us most of all – by taking the series.  The team is optimistic, despite the loss, and we’re looking forward to learning more.

Unfortunately, we were hit by some unexpected problems for the Alienware Monthly Melee.  We’d like to offer huge thanks to Sinatraa for subbing in for two of our players during the weekend.  While the circumstances weren’t perfect, we’re proud of our third place finish and our team as a whole.  We’ll be learning from these losses and working on cleaning up our flaws to become an even stronger force in the Overwatch ecosystem.

We’ll be back in the LCS next week, and competing in IEM Katowice for CS:GO as well.  We’ll be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook about our upcoming challenges, so be sure to follow along and lend us your energy.  Our Discord is perfect for fans who are looking to discuss the finer points of our performance on Nepal or speculate on how we’ll do in Katowice.  See you next week!