The Saga – Feb 14th

Between our Vainglory signing and our new CS:GO pickup, we’ve hardly had time to catch our breath.  There’s no time to rest, however, because Immortals is continuing to compete in CS:GO, Smash, Overwatch, and League of Legends.  While we try to make it easy to follow all of our matches, occasionally someone can fall behind (especially if they’ve been planning for Valentine’s Day).  The Saga is here to get you caught back up with everything IMT.


Tl;dr: We are undefeated in Week 4, going 2-0 over Dignitas and Liquid
Recommended Match: Immortals v Team Liquid, Game 2

Last week was a little rough, we’re not going to lie, but every loss is a learning process.  This week, we took every lesson and showed how much we’ve been working and improving behind the scenes.  We are 2-0 for Week 4, picking up two 2-0 victories.  First, we took down Dignitas, and then we mopped up Team Liquid.  We’ve been hard at work to fix our mistakes and clean up our play, and we’re incredibly proud of our Week 4 results.  GG to Dignitas and Liquid!  Next week, we’re up against Counter Logic Gaming and Echo Fox.


Tl;dr: Let’s get Shroomed to the Smash Summit!
Recommended Match: Tai and Shroomed v John Wick and Tank, Doubles Finals

Boss Rush is a new event focused on growing Arizona Smash talent, and our very own Shroomed was the first guest.  Shroomed came up second in the Singles bracket, but with teammate Tai, he managed to take the Doubles bracket.

This was a great event, and Shroomed has another destination in his sights.  The Spring 2017 Smash Summit is inviting an addition pool of players based off of your votes.  IMTeam, we need you!  Check out the voting page, and give Shroomed some love.  He’s promised to bust out the Dr. Mario at all side events.  We have a fever, and the only cure is Shroomed at Smash Summit.


Tl;dr: We fall to SK Gaming, but rally and win against Luminosity in ESL Pro League
Recommended Match: Immortals v Luminosity on Dust2

Everyone’s been buzzing about our new pickup, Lincoln “fnx” Lau.  We played in the ESL Pro League, against SK Gaming and Luminosity.  We had a bit of a shaky debut against our Brazilian brothers, going 7×16 on Cobblestone and 11×16 on Cache.  It may not have been the best debut, but we shook it off and rallied for our next match.

We took Overpass against Luminosity in a 16×11 match, which led into our overtime matchup on Dust2.


After winning the NGE Winter Premiere, we’re not content to stop.  Immortals has scored an invitation to the Overwatch Carbon Series, joining Luminosity Gaming, Team Liquid, Renegades, compLexity Gaming, and Hammers eSports.  The matches begin on February 20th, so make sure you tune in to follow our boys as they begin to compete against old rivals for another shot at glory.

This has been a big week for Immortals, and we’re planning to keep building on our progress in the coming weeks.  Between the LCS, ESL Pro League, and the Carbon Series, we’re excited to see what comes next.  Be sure to follow along with us on Twitter and Facebook, so that you can be the first to hear about our upcoming events.  If you want to celebrate a 4-0 weekend with other fans, be sure to join our Discord.

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