From us to you: Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it?

When we first showed up on the NA LCS stage, everyone was excited to see us.  We were the new kids on the block, fresh and exciting and novel.  Since then, things have changed for Immortals.  New roster, new games, new support staff.  Oh, and a bunch of new Valentine’s Day Cards.

We’ve been evolving and growing, but one thing has stayed the same throughout it all: you, our fans.  You’ve been with us through the lows and the Lucian tops, the dizzying highs, and everything in-between.  That’s why this year, we’d like to invite you to be our Valentine.

You make us what we are.  When you’re not there to lend us your energy, we’re nothing.  Our Ashe arrows soar into the yawning chasm of an empty Baron pit,  we line up next to the Ilios lighthouse for an all-too-convenient Lucio quadrakill, and we can’t concentrate to line up our shots on Cobblestone.

Valentine, we want to always be your duo for ranked.  We want to run the cheesiest combos with you, whether that’s Jarvan IV and Leona murderbush on bot or Bastion and Reinhardt on the payload.  We know the Roccat social media guy might have wooed you with his honeyed words, but give IMT a chance.

Your parents might have told you to pick a Valentine who’s moving up in the world.  We just debuted a new Vainglory team, secured some new Hollywood investments, and we’re hot to trot.

We’re easy to find, Valentine.  We’re always out there, competing, looking incredibly handsome while we do it.  Maybe that’s not enough, and you want something a little more up close and personal.  That’s why we set up a Discord just for you (and all of our other fans), Valentine.

Light some candles, put on our series against Team Liquid, and turn down the lights.  This Valentine’s Day, we want you to join the #IMTeam.