The Saga: Jan 31st

Can’t stop, won’t stop – the Immortals train is continuing to rumble forward.  Sure, sometimes we lose, but that doesn’t slow us down any.  Besides, losses just motivate us to come back harder and pick up bigger wins; just look at the NGE Overwatch Winter Premiere, which just wrapped up over the weekend while  our League squad competed in the NA LCS.  If you missed out on these matches, the Saga is here to get you up to speed.  We are Immortals, and this is our Saga.


Tl;dr: Immortals go 1-1, losing against C9 but picking up the win against EnVyUs.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Team Envy (Game 3)

Immortals faced off against Cloud9 and Team EnVyUs this weekend.  This is our second week together, and the team is continuing to build synergy.  Sometimes, we can hit the pedal a little too early and dive a little too quick (as seen against Cloud9, especially in game one), but we’re definitely building the foundation we need to be a team.

After losing to Cloud9, we came back against EnVyUs, especially thanks to Dardoch.  Our gameplan in the coming weeks is to keep improving and sharpening our play.  GG, EnVyUs!


Tl;dr: Immortals take the Winter Premiere!  Congratulations to our Overwatch squad.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Ghost Gaming (Grand Final)

If you’ve been following the Saga, you know that our Overwatch squad has been working hard at conquering the NGE Winter Premiere.  It all came to a head at the live finals, where Immortals faced Luminosity and then Ghost Gaming (previously known as Kungarna).  We entered the last stage of the tournament at a major disadvantage; our stalwart tank player, Nomy, was out of the game due to visa issues.  Luckily, our coach Chance is no stranger to playing with the team, and he stepped in to fill that spot.

We 3-0’d Luminosity and moved onto the grand final against Ghost Gaming.  Ghost Gaming was the only team to draw blood off of us in the group stage, and they came to the finals ravenous for the win.  They took the first game off us in a commanding performance.  Some teams, down a man and a win, would have staggered.  Immortals just fought back even harder.  While it wasn’t easy, we ultimately claimed the crown.  GG to Ghost Gaming, and a huge congratulations to our Overwatch team!

February is packed with events for us, from League to CS:GO, so make sure you tune in to lend us your energy.  You can keep up with our team and their travels via Twitter and Facebook.  If you want to chat with other fans, join us in our Discord.  This train has no brakes, but you can climb aboard any time!