The Saga: Jan 26th

This has been one stacked weekend for esports!  Immortals made their long anticipated debut in the NA LCS for League of Legends, celebrated a huge win at the NGE Winter Premiere for Overwatch, and represented two styles of Smash at Genesis 4.  With all of this hustle and bustle, we can’t blame you for missing a game or two.  If you’ve fallen behind on Immortals and our competitions across esports, the Saga is here to catch you up and get you back in the game.  We are Immortals, and this is our Saga.


Tl;dr: Immortals goes 1-1 in our opening week at the NA LCS, going 2-1 against Echo Fox and 1-2 against TSM.
Recommended Game: IMT v TSM Game 2

With Olleh in North America, we’re finally ready to roll as a completed team.  Our debut weekend was a rollercoaster ride, where we snatched victory from the jaws of Echo Fox in a nailbiter 2-1 series, but couldn’t pull out the win against Team SoloMid.  While we ultimately fell in battle against TSM, Immortals showed a strong sense of action and tons of potential.  We’re planning to reflect on areas where we need to improve and come back even stronger for Week 2.  If you want to see our new squad at their best, check out our second game against TSM.  It may not have a Flame quadrakill on Fiora, but it shows the new IMT’s decisive, scrappy nature.  GG, TSM and Echo Fox!


Tl;dr: Immortals retain their #1 spot and advance to the live finals for the Winter Premiere.
Recommended Game: IMT v Kungarna

Immortals has retained the top spot throughout NGE’s Winter Premiere, and we’re heading to the live finals along with Complexity, Kungarna, and Luminosity.  The Live Finals will offer the final chance for Immortals to show our supremacy, as well as a hefty prize if we make it to the end.  Check out our revenge series against Kungarna, where we manage to win against the team that drew blood and ended our undefeated streak.  While Kungarna managed to take Temple of Anubis, Immortals fired back on Eichenwalde and Watchpoint: Gibraltar.  Make sure you tune in to see GrimReality break out his trademark McCree on Eichenwalde – a risky pick in the current tank heavy meta, but one he manages to pull off with aplomb.


Tl;dr: ANTi finishes 9th in Singles, 3rd in Doubles. Shroomed finishes 17th in Singles, 5th in Doubles.

This weekend was Genesis 4, one of the biggest tournaments in all of Smash.  IMT was there, of course, represented by ANTi in Smash 4 and Shroomed in Melee.  ANTi was busy all weekend; he represented the victorious Team USA in the Wii U World Crews bracket, and participated in both singles and Doubles.  ANTi, playing his trademark Mario, made third in Doubles with Salem. When it cames to Singles, he unfortunately fell just short of the top 8, making 9th place.  Don’t worry; we suspect he’ll bounce back from this disappointment just fine.

On the Melee side of things, we had Shroomed representing us at the tournament.  Shroomed, along with Alan, made 5th place in the Doubles bracket using a deadly Sheik/Peach combo. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make an impact in the Singles bracket, ranking 17th there.  We’re not concerned; we know that this is the beginning of Shroomed’s journey to improve and reinvent himself in 2017.

We’re nearly a month into the new year, but we’re not planning on slowing down.  Immortals, across all of our teams, are planning on going strong and working on climbing to new heights.  Make sure you follow us on Twitter to keep up with new announcements, and check out our Reddit and Discord to keep in touch with the #IMTeam!