The Saga: Jan 18th

An Immortal may never rest, but we can forgive our fans for missing a few games.  We’re preparing for the LCS, competing in CS:GO, and continuing to fight in the Overwatch NGE Winter Premiere.  If you’ve missed the latest Immortals games, we forgive you, and we’ve even rounded up the highlights of the last week for you.  We are Immortals, and this is our saga.


Tl;dr: Immortals advance past the first phase of competition in first place, and are preparing for the next round of games on the 18th.

Featured Match: Complexity Gaming v Immortals : [link]

The Overwatch Winter Premiere’s first phase has wrapped up.  Immortals have survived the Open Play qualifier and made their way past the first round of competition, held over two weeks.  Two teams from the first phase have been eliminated, and the remaining six teams will begin the fray anew on January 17th-19th.

Immortals currently stand at the top of the competition with a record of 6-1, having dropped only a single match to Kungarna.  We’ll be facing off against Kungarna, Team Liquid, Luminosity, Complexity, and Renegades in Phase Two for a chance at making the live finals.  Make sure to tune in on the 17th-19th at NGE’s Overwatch Twitch channel to lend us your energy!


Tl;dr: Immortals fail to qualify for the Dreamhack Masters after falling to Complexity.

Featured Match: Immortals v SBS : [link]

Immortals’ CS:GO squad headed to the Dreamhack Masters Qualifier in Las Vegas.  We got off to a strong start, taking two matches off SBS, with a 16×10 victory on Dust 2 and a 16×2 victory on Cobblestone.

Unfortunately, our momentum was cut short against Complexity.  While we won the second round, at 16×5, on de_cbble, we dropped the first and third rounds to Complexity.  GG, and we’ll keep working to solve our problems and come back stronger.

Our January calendar is packed, and we’re counting on you to keep on cheering for us.  Our Smash boys are going to be competing at Genesis 4 this upcoming weekend, and our LCS squad is kicking off the Spring Split with a match against Echo Fox on the 21st.  We’ll be continuing to keep you up to date on all things Immortals in the days to come.