The Saga: Jan 10th

2017 is in full swing, and Immortals is ready for the challenges of the new year.  We’re shaking off the holiday dust and getting back to the grind.  There are some big dates ahead: there’s CS:GO Dreamhack Qualifiers in Las Vegas on the 15th, and we kick off our Spring Split against Echo Fox in the LCS on the 21st.  While our CS:GO and League players are training hard, let’s take a look at our Overwatch and Smash competitors!



TL;DR: ANTi places second at Kumite in Tennessee 2017.

You may have noticed that we signed a new Melee competitor in Shroomed, but we haven’t forgotten ANTi.  ANTi competed in the Kumite in Tennessee 2017 Smash 4 tournament, making it all the way to the grand finals in the winner’s bracket.  From there, he squared off against Dabuz in the winner’s finals.  It was an important match for ANTi; he declared that if he didn’t win, he’d be washed.  Unfortunately, Dabuz gained the upper hand, and took the entire tournament.

It was a devastating blow, but you can’t count ANTi out.  He’s stated that he’s determined to come back – and he has Dabuz in his sights.  The next time they meet, ANTi will do everything in his power to come out on top.



TL;DR: IMT goes undefeated in the first stage of group play at the NGE Overwatch Winter Premiere.
Recommended Match: Immortals v Luminosity  (link)

NGE’s Overwatch Winter Premiere has proven to be a massive test of Immortals’ capabilities.  There’s $100,000 on the line, and the prestige of winning over some of NA’s top teams.  This tournament is more of a marathon than a sprint, with two stages of group play before teams can advance to the next stage.

Immortals have passed the early stage of the tournament with flying colours, currently standing at the top of the rankings with Renegades.  Our recommended watch is the nail biting, heart-pounding match against Luminosity.  While Immortals pulled ahead, Luminosity fought them for every inch.

The action continues on January 10th at 3:30 PST, and you can catch up with the tournament so far on Overwatch NGE’s YouTube channel.

Make sure to tune in and cheer for a continued #IMTOW #IMTWIN!

This is just the start of 2017, and there’s still a long way to go.  As we prepare to compete in the LCS and at the Dreamhack qualifiers, we’ll need your support.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter to follow along with the team as we enter the arena in League, CS:GO, Smash, and Overwatch.