Welcome Verbo as the New Overwatch Support!

Back in September, Immortals signed an Overwatch team with the full intent of fostering a competitive roster.  Today, we’re pleased to announce a major step in that process.  We have signed Stefano “Verbo” Disalvo to our starting roster as our support.  Not only is Verbo a dynamic talent, but he’s also a vocal in-game leader and shotcaller. Welcome to the IMT family, Verbo!

“It’s awesome to see how much Immortals cares for the well being of their players under the organization, and I’m proud to be part of it now.  I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds for me. I’ve always been a leader, and will continue to do so on Immortals.”  -Verbo

At 17 years old, Verbo is one of the younger members of the Immortals organization.  His ambition and experience, combined with his age, make him a perfect candidate for the organization.  We look forward to working with him to develop his skills and presence both in and out of game.

“Signing Verbo reflects our commitment to developing young talent native to Overwatch. We look forward to helping Stefano grow as a player and a leader under the Immortals banner.” –CEO Noah Whinston.

Verbo originally tried out for IMT in the December Alienware Melee.  He had an immediate effect on the roster; Immortals not only bested long-time rivals Cloud9 for the first time, but took the entire Melee.  As a Lucio main, Verbo understands the importance of patience, timing, and teamwork, and brings these skills to the IMT roster.  We’re excited to see how both Verbo and the Immortals roster continues to develop and grow over the coming months.

“Verbo was the perfect fit, not because he started that way but because he was willing to improve.  Immortals was built to grow and learn. Verbo not only represents that but lives it on the daily. Welcome to the family, kid… you’re gonna be here for awhile!”  -Coach Chance

With Verbo on board, Chance is able to step back from the field and concentrate on coaching.  We fully expect our Overwatch squad to continue evolving into one of the top teams in the game, and this signing is a crucial part of that process.

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