Welcome to the team Dardoch!

Please welcome the first new member of the 2017 #IMTLOL lineup: Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett!

Dardoch will be joining the Immortals pending Riot approval.  We’re fully committed to Dardoch, having signed him for a three-year contract, and we know he’s just as committed to us.  We’re looking forward to working with Dardoch in and out of game and helping him grow as both a person and a player.

Dardoch has been active since 2014 in the Challenger circuit, but he first made a name for himself on Team Liquid.  Replacing IWDominate on the starting lineup, Dardoch quickly impressed fans and analysts with aggressive play and high level of mechanics.  Dardoch managed to shine as a player despite team environment issues.

“The reasoning behind choosing Immortals as the team I want to play for in the foreseeable future, since I signed multi-year, is because from the get-go I knew that the structure in place would leave me in a good spot regardless of roster.” Dardoch said about his choice to sign a long-term contract.
Immortals CEO Noah Whinston added — “Three year contracts in esports aren’t common, but in Dardoch we see a special kind of player.  There are obvious areas of improvement for him, but Josh has the potential to be a generational North American talent.  Few players have a better work ethic, more passion for the game, or a greater desire to win.  With the support of the Immortals staff and organization, we look forward to helping Dardoch reach new heights.”

A skilled player who’s moving past his rookie phase and into the rest of his career, Dardoch is vocal and dedicated.   While he originally earned a fan base due to his audacious plays (Duskblade on Lee Sin, anyone?), we’re looking forward to watching him evolve into a veteran.  Immortals signed Joshua knowing that he’s fully prepared for this process and on board with our vision as a team.  Immortals is looking forward to our relationship over the next three years.

We’re excited to have Dardoch on board, and we know he’ll fit in with the rest of our roster.  As for the rest of Immortals, we’ll be making more announcements in the days to come.

Two down, three to go.


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