Welcome Cody Sun as the new IMT ADC!

Our mid and jungle are locked in, and it’s time to announce our new ADC. After some deliberation, we’ve decided to invest in young, promising talent. You may have heard of TM8 or Massacre before; a talented, up and coming Challenger ADC with a high mechanical ceiling. Massacre has found a new home, and to celebrate the fresh start, is now known as Cody Sun! Pending Riot approval, Immortals has signed Cody Sun to a two year contract, and he will be our starting ADC come Spring 2017.

While our fans are familiar with Dardoch and Pobelter, Cody Sun is a little less familiar to those who haven’t followed the Challenger circuit. He’s been active since 2015, and made a name for himself on Dream Team. While Dream Team weren’t successful in making the NA LCS, Cody was one of the standout talents on the team.

Following in the footsteps of WildTurtle won’t be easy, especially after our regular season success in 2016, but we believe that Cody has the potential to make him proud.

“I understand that I’m a rookie player and this is the first time playing in the LCS, but I hope you guys follow my journey through LCS and I can make you guys proud.” Cody says about this opportunity.

Investing in a young, motivated player with potential like Cody is a natural choice for Immortals. We’ve built out our infrastructure and are confident we’ll be able to provide the support that Cody needs to help him evolve into a confident player. We’re looking forward to working with Cody over the next two years.

Immortals CEO Noah Whinston added — “Core to our mission of developing players is helping younger talent transition from amateur to professional play. We look forward to working with Cody over the next two years as he rises to the heights of LCS competition.”

Cody Sun joins the rest of the team in Korea for bootcamp, and will be working with several supports that we’re currently trying out.

Three down, two to go.

Cody Sun IMT jerseys are now available here:

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