The Saga – Dec 6th

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Immortals. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we’re continuing to compete across CS:GO, Overwatch, and Smash. Add in the League off-season, and we’ve been working hard and keeping busy. If you’ve been equally preoccupied and have been missing out on Immortals’ competitive matches, the Saga is here to get you up to date.



TL;DR ANTi makes the Grand Finals at Smashdown World, struggles at UGC Smash Open

Our journey over the last couple of weeks began in France, with our very own ANTi attending Smashdown World. This tournament had both European and foreign players fighting for prestige, honor, and glory. The top 8 was full of world class threats, but ANTi persevered and made it all the way to the grand finals. While he ultimately fell to 2GG|Komorikiri, it was an extremely close 3-2 matchup. ANTi’s Zero Suit Samus wasn’t able to get the job done, but ANTi pulled out Charizard to rally back. It was a Sonic pick that led to his downfall, but it was a well fought match, and we’re proud of ANTi. Gameline has the VODs available with French commentary, but gameplay this good transcends language. To catch up on the match that everyone’s talking about, we recommend you check out ANTi v Glutonny. The French defender pulled out some incredible Wario performances, and is going to be a major name to watch in 2017, but he just wasn’t able to make it past ANTi.

Unfortunately, ANTi wasn’t able to make it in the top 8 of the UGC Smash Open after an explosive round of brackets, but an Immortal is defined not by their failures but how they respond to them. ANTi is ready for the next challenge, and we’re behind him all the way.



TL;DR: Immortals win their first Alienware monthly melee and take their first series against long-time rivals Cloud9

We’ve had a very successful week in Overwatch. Our victories are the culmination of months of hard work and effort. Immortals have been using our coach Chance in-game as a support, but this month, we ran a new support as a tryout. Verbo stepped up for his trial, and Chance was able to take a backseat.

While GrimReality and Agilities usually take the spotlight, our tanks were the one to shine during this melee. Nomy played a terrifyingly efficient Reinhardt, shielding his allies from harm and then setting up Earthshatters that turned teamfights around.

The biggest test of the melee was Cloud9, who we’ve met in the finals and fallen to twice now. Immortals were ready the next time we met, and this bout is easily our series you should watch. Of particular note was Eichenwalde, where we managed an epic hold against Cloud9 on the point. Holding them off at that crucial chokepoint allowed Immortals to take the hybrid map, and carry that momentum forward into Hollywood, where we picked up the win. High on the adrenaline, Immortals managed to take our first monthly melee. You can check out the VODs of the entire tournament on the GosuGamers channel.



Tl:DR: Immortals take first place in the ELEAGUE America Minor Championship

After IEM Oakland, Immortals were ready for the next opportunity to show their stuff as a team. We participated in the ELEAGUE America Minor Championship. Eight teams entered, but Immortals prevailed, emerging victorious along with Cloud9 and taking the number one spot. Immortals had an impressive showing throughout the entire tournament, knocking out Team SoloMid and Cloud9 without dropping a single map.

Despite a flawless record, Immortals had to fight tooth and nail to achieve these results. TSM started out strong, leading the match 7-2 before Immortals fired back to win a 16-14 nailbiter. Cloud9 managed a similar early start, leading 7-1 on Cobblestone. Immortals once again found their feet later on, turning things around and taking Cobblestone and Dust2 off Cloud9.

This victory allows us to represent the Americas at the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier on December 15th-18th along with Cloud9. To relive the experience, check out the VOD on ELEAGUE’s Twitch channel.

As we head into the holidays, we’ll be continuing to make announcements about our League roster. Make sure to stay tuned by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

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